Member Spotlight: Neurogan

Neurogan is a family-owned company that is passionate about cultivating the best quality CBD on the market. Enjoy their outdoor grown, high potency CBD goods, each one artisan batched by their team for your mind, body, and spirit.

Neurogan’s Danish-Born co-founder, Jan Brandrup, grew up watching his grandmother drink hemp tea each morning. In these hygge moments, he felt inspired to provide the magic of hemp to many. Today, Jan, Nicklas, and Alexander Brandrup cultivate nutrient rich hemp, a Scandinavian tradition first beginning in the Viking era over 1,000 years ago.

Now they have partnered with a local organic farm that provides premium grade hemp to be artisan extracted in their cGMP facility and cultivated into plant-based apothecary products. Neurogan’s wellness line specializes in the cannabinoid entourage and includes Full Spectrum CBD and THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD up to 12000mg, CBG Oil, CBN Gummies, and a new release of Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 products. Neurogan delivers the seed-to-shelf experience with their priorities aligned to the principle of simple, safe, and efficacious goods made from environmentally sustainable production.

It’s a clean process. Neurogan never overheats or over-processes their raw crops in an effort to make products that are as close to the hemp plant’s diverse array of cannabinoids as possible. Afterward, every single product goes through 3rd party laboratory testing to ensure its potency and purity meets the standard. All certificates of analyses, or COAs, are readily available for free download prior to purchase.

Neurogan’s headquarters are in San Diego, CA, but their team is located across the world; from the USA to Denmark, Macedonia, Mexico, and Sweden too. To connect with Neurogan, visit their website: