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Luxe Booth Takes San Diego Photo Booth Rentals
to the Next Level

Luxe Booth | Photo Booth Rental San Diego has established itself as a leader in the photo booth rental industry. Known for transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences, Luxe Booth takes pride in offering top-tier, customizable services to a diverse clientele.

Luxe Booth is the premier brand for photo booth rentals in San Diego. The company’s offerings extend to a variety of functions – from weddings to corporate events. Their state-of-the-art photo booths, equipped with high-resolution cameras and vibrant printing capabilities, provide guests with memorable experiences and quality images. The inclusion of black & white photo booths offers a timeless touch, becoming a favorite among clients in the San Diego Area.

Luxe Booth continues to garner recognition for their innovative approach of combining technology and entertainment. Their ‘Kardashian’ style photos – characterized by flawless skin and immaculate white backdrops – have become a staple in the industry. This commitment to quality and style has led to an influx of rave reviews from satisfied clients who commend the company for top-notch photo quality and customer service. To read some of these testimonials or to leave one of your own, visit Luxe Booth’s San Diego Google Business page.

With a dedicated San Diego crew at the helm, Luxe Booth is making an indelible mark in the event planning industry. Their successful track record, marked by collaborations with numerous local and national brands, stands as a testament to the impact they’ve made in enhancing event experiences.

For more information about Luxe Booth and their offerings, contact them to explore their rental packages. Turn your next event into a memorable occasion with Luxe Booth.


Samantha Mitchell
Head of Marketing
Luxe Booth | Photo Booth Rental San Diego
4134 Adams Ave UNIT 105
San Diego, CA 92116
Direct: 619-923-4023

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: South 8 Technologies

South 8 Technologies, Inc. has developed a novel liquefied gas (LiGas®) electrolyte to power the next generation of Lithium-ion batteries and advances the world’s clean energy future.

Liquefied Gas (LiGas®) electrolyte

An electrolyte is the battery component that transfers ions — charge-carrying particles — back and forth between the battery’s two electrodes, allowing the battery to charge and discharge.

Unlike common battery electrolytes which are liquid at room temperature, or solid-state electrolytes under development, the team at South 8 Technologies is the first to develop and commercialize a novel, patented Liquefied Gas Electrolyte (LiGas®), for next-generation Lithium batteries. These non-toxic electrolytes use solvents that are normally gaseous at standard pressure and room temperature but may be liquefied under moderate pressure and used as an electrolyte within the cell.

Most EVs today are powered by Lithium-ion batteries, a decades-old technology originally developed for use in laptops and cell phones. All those years of development have helped push prices down and improve performance, but there is still room for improvement as battery safety continues to be a concern for consumers. In contrast to conventional liquid electrolytes which are a catalyst for thermal runaway, the non-toxic LiGas® electrolytes may safely and quickly vent from a cell after physical or electrical abuse (ex. crush, high temperature, short circuit) allowing the cell to fail safely without thermal runaway reactions or thermal propagation to neighboring cells.

In addition to optimal safety, South 8’s electrolyte enables battery operation in extremely low temperatures. This unique ability, due to its low viscosity and freezing point, makes it possible for EVs to maintain driving range in cold weather. LiGas® electrolytes unlock possibilities to further improve the battery technology by boosting capacity; speeding charging time; expanding e-mobility into all climates and temperature extremes; bringing down the cost of batteries so more people can afford to go electric; increasing battery power so vehicles go further faster; and most importantly, making Lithium-ion batteries safe from fire and explosion.

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CA to Receive Over $600M To Fight Climate Change

“We’re in a situation where, as I said, if we don’t get it right in the next five years — and we’re on target in the United States; we’re not on target other places in the world,” said President Biden. 

During his recent trip to California, President Biden announced over $600 million in federal funding for California to fight climate change along the Pacific Coast. Most of the money will go towards projects that protect against rising sea levels and storm surges. 

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2024 Mexican Presidential Election Updates

Earlier this month, several officials resigned from their posts to pursue their presidential candidacy with the MORENA party. This included Mexico City Governor Claudia Sheinbaum, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard, and Secretary of the Interior Adan Augusto Lopez. MORENA’s candidates were asked to present their resignation to be eligible and will tour the country as part of their pre-campaign efforts until late August. MORENA will then implement a series of surveys, that will determine an official presidential candidate on September 6. Meanwhile, President Lopez Obrador has appointed replacements following each resignation, including Luisa Maria Alcalde as the new Secretary of the Interior and Alicia Barcena as Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Opposing parties submitted claims to electoral authorities to challenge MORENA’s pre-campaign efforts which would give their final candidate a clear advantage, prompting the National Electoral Institute (INE) to remind political parties that presidential campaigns officially start in November and any promotion and activities taking place beforehand would be against the law. MORENA’s pre-candidates risk losing their right to run.

The “Va por Mexico” coalition composed of the PAN, PRI, and PRD political parties will announce their presidential candidate on September 3. Interested politicians within the opposition include Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu, former Secretary of Economy Idelfonso Guajardo, Senator Xochitl Galvez, and businessman Gustavo de Hoyos.

City of San Diego seeks feedback on Blueprint SD


The City of San Diego seeks feedback on Blueprint SD, a proposal that involves looking at the City’s General Plan land use strategy and finding ways to encourage sustainable growth alongside more homes and jobs. A discussion draft general plan amendment is now available for review, and industry feedback is highly encouraged. 

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Voxy Offers Free English Language Training

Voxy is offering an exciting project opportunity that focuses on enhancing English fluency among workers whose first language is not English.

Enabling individuals to improve their English proficiency not only boosts their confidence in communication but also yields tangible benefits such as increased productivity, improved collaboration, enhanced professional development, and higher retention rates.

ETP has allocated an additional $10 million for training programs aimed at teaching English as a second language. Voxy offers an innovative corporate training solution that has successfully upskilled teams for numerous clients worldwide. Their AI-driven platform, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, delivers a fully personalized and highly engaging English learning experience. Furthermore, Voxy provides synchronous online instruction with available teachers 24×7.

André Almeida, VP with Voxy will be in the San Diego area on July 13, and will be available to meet with companies interested in learning more about the program. Please email Andre Almeida at for more detailed information and to arrange a complimentary demo. The ETP fund is limited, yet Voxy will be allocating fully sponsored licenses to our members.

André Almeida
Voxy I VP Enterprise Sales & Market Development
+1 646 363-6026 (mobile)
+1 310 362-6722 (office)