Voxy Offers Free English Language Training

Voxy is offering an exciting project opportunity that focuses on enhancing English fluency among workers whose first language is not English.

Enabling individuals to improve their English proficiency not only boosts their confidence in communication but also yields tangible benefits such as increased productivity, improved collaboration, enhanced professional development, and higher retention rates.

ETP has allocated an additional $10 million for training programs aimed at teaching English as a second language. Voxy offers an innovative corporate training solution that has successfully upskilled teams for numerous clients worldwide. Their AI-driven platform, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, delivers a fully personalized and highly engaging English learning experience. Furthermore, Voxy provides synchronous online instruction with available teachers 24×7.

André Almeida, VP with Voxy will be in the San Diego area on July 13, and will be available to meet with companies interested in learning more about the program. Please email Andre Almeida at for more detailed information and to arrange a complimentary demo. The ETP fund is limited, yet Voxy will be allocating fully sponsored licenses to our members.

André Almeida
Voxy I VP Enterprise Sales & Market Development
+1 646 363-6026 (mobile)
+1 310 362-6722 (office)