Member Spotlight: Episcopal Community Services

A Mother’s Leap of Faith

Meet Brenda Isais and her daughter London Rose Mora. A mother-daughter duo whose lives have been challenged by unusual obstacles. London was born with hydrocephalus, a condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain, leading to visual impairment and partial epilepsy. “I had to stop work to be able to stay home and take care of her,” Isais said, noting that most daycare centers wouldn’t accept London due to her special needs.

Isais was recommended to ECS Head Start, an initiative that offers high-quality early childhood and family education at no cost to qualifying families. Although initially nervous, she soon found comfort with the Head Start team’s inclusive approach. “I was nervous at first,” said Isais. “She had never been out of my sight.” Isais explained that the team was very accommodating; “They allowed me to be a part of her plan, even letting me stay with her during her initial days at the center,” she said.

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About ECS

Since its 1927 inception, ECS has been a beacon of hope that has grown into a $34 million nonprofit organization, annually serving over 7,000 individuals and families with comprehensive health and human services.

ECS’ spectrum of care is broad, encompassing early childhood education, mental health support, substance use disorder treatment, and transitional housing for those with mental health conditions. The ACCORD program assists adults arrested for DUI to reclaim their lives through targeted treatments, while the Central East Regional Recovery Center (CERRC) offers outpatient mental health support and substance use disorder treatments.

Their transformative Head Start program provides bilingual education for low-income children up to age five and wraparound services for their families. Simultaneously, Para Las Familias (PLF) works diligently to foster resilience in children and their caregivers by offering mental health services.

ECS’ Uptown and C-HRT Safe Havens provide transitional housing and evidence-based care for homeless adults with mental health disorders, supporting them on their journey to wellness.

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