Member Spotlight: EnerSmart Storage

EnerSmart Storage is a San Diego-based battery storage innovator investing in solutions to support California’s clean energy transition. Formed in 2019, the company develops, owns and operates energy storage projects to help keep the lights on by balancing electricity production and consumption minute-by-minute during daily peaks and grid-straining events. For example, EnerSmart stores low-cost renewable energy like midday solar or late-night wind energy and later dispatches it to the grid when demand for electricity peaks between 4-9 p.m.  

 EnerSmart currently manages 11 storage projects in various stages of development and operation across San Diego County totaling 156 megawatts, including their proposed 21-megawatt La Mesa project. The company finances, owns and operates its projects which are highly reliable, emissions-free and have no negative environmental or air quality impacts. 

 Storage projects like EnerSmart’s are critical to California’s clean energy future because they provide reliable and instant electricity to the grid when renewable sources are unavailable or insufficient to meet demand. Battery storage increases electric reliability while also reducing electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. EnerSmart’s battery solutions support California’s measure to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045 and 90% clean energy by 2035. Learn more about battery storage opportunities and renewable energy sources via EnerSmart’s “Battery Storage 101 fact sheet. For more information about EnerSmart storage and its projects in San Diego County, please visit or contact David Cumpston, Wright On Communications c/o EnerSmart at