Chamber Led Binational Delegation in Mexico City Advocating For Cali-Baja Priorities

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A group of nearly 90 business and community leaders from San Diego and Baja California – including Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Nora Vargas – traveled to Mexico City to champion U.S.-Mexico relations and advance issues critical to the success of the binational business community

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 17th annual Binational Delegation to Mexico City included a list of priorities to advance the border region.

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The full agenda touched on various topics important to our binational region, from border infrastructure and efficiency to cross-border water management and sustainability, Mexico’s energy sector, and trade opportunities through USMCA.

During our water and sustainability session, delegates learned about 2 upcoming announcements on key infrastructure projects in Tijuana to address transboundary pollution impacting our community. The news included investment in urgently needed wastewater treatment plants. Previous delegations and advocacy efforts helped identify a list of projects on both sides of the border to mitigate pollution and secure funding from the U.S. and Mexico’s federal governments to advance their implementation.

Furthermore, IBWC Commissioner Adriana Reséndez and NADBank CEVO Salvador López reflected on water scarcity challenges and talked about public-private partnership opportunities to reach water sustainability goals and ensure water supply for the border region.

Other sustainability conversations included the transition to zero-emission vehicles and access to renewable energy, efforts, and infrastructure projects led by the private sector, and Mexico’s energy policies and regulations over the years.

Delegates also had several conversations about the impacts of migration during separate sessions with the US Embassy and Mexico’s National Institute of Migration. The Chamber learned that several federal agencies in Mexico, including the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), continue to work with Central and South America to tackle the root causes of migration.

Additionally, Roberto Velasco, Chief Officer for North America at SRE, committed to follow up with Mexican federal agencies on long border wait times affecting traffic going south from San Diego to Tijuana.

One of the most impactful meetings brought together representatives from federal agencies overseeing border infrastructure efficiency. Delegates heard about investment in new technologies that will help streamline customs processes at airports, accurately measure border wait times at land ports of entry, and enhance resource allocation to facilitate crossings. Follow-up items include addressing congestion and infrastructure needs on trade corridors and bridges connecting to the land ports of entry in Tijuana.

Delegates also met with representatives of key commissions at the Mexican Senate including North America Foreign Affairs, Border and Migration Affairs, Economy, Public Health, and USMCA Implementation.

Hearing and seeing it from Mexico’s perspective and those working on it every day gives a new perspective on the deep complexities that there are.

Here’s what our regional leaders shared about the 17th Annual Binational Delegation to Mexico City:

“The Chamber is very proud to lead this binational delegation to Mexico City for the 17th year. Our mission is, and always has, been clear: collaboration between nations is not a choice; it’s an imperative,” said Jerry Sanders, President and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. “At the heart of Mexico’s vibrant capital, we aim to build bridges of opportunity and collaboration that will benefit both the San Diego and Cali-Baja regions. Together, we unlock the potential that lies in our partnerships, fostering economic growth and quality of life for our border communities.”

“San Diego is a proud binational region with deep connections to Mexico,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “Throughout the year, we work to strengthen our U.S.-Mexico ties, and over the next few days we bring this united voice to the nation’s capital to address issues like immigration, cross-border pollution, and reducing border wait times.”

“As a proud Fronteriza and the first Latina Chairwoman in the County of San Diego’s 200-year history, I’ve had a lifelong commitment to emphasize the importance of the binational relationships between the U.S. and Mexico, and the people that make up our region,” said Chairwoman Nora Vargas. “We must prioritize some of the shared challenges in our binational region for the network of infrastructure along our border, including critical projects at Tijuana River Valley and East Otay Mesa. We’re tirelessly working with partners on both sides of the border to make sure our shared priorities align and advance together. Mexico is our cultural and economic partner. Together, we unlock countless opportunities for trade, investment, and growth, benefiting the entire binational community. Competing globally here in the Cali-Baja region means leveraging each other’s strengths. With Mexico, we combine talent, resources, and innovation to build stronger and healthier communities.”

“My goal is to have the delegation trip strengthen the bi-national commerce relationship and to promote business investment opportunities in the City of Chula Vista and the San Diego region. Mexico is the largest trading partner with the United States and we need to work together to create security, prosperity, and improve the quality of life in the San Diego-Tijuana Economic Region,” said Chula Vista Mayor John McCann.

The delegation represented a diverse mix of regional leaders, industries, organizations, and elected officials from San Diego and Baja California including:

● San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria
● San Diego County Board of Supervisors and SANDAG Chairwoman Nora Vargas
● Baja Secretary of Tourism Miguel Aguíñiga
● California State Assemblymember Tasha Boerner
● San Diego Councilmembers Vivian Moreno and Marni von Wilpert
● Tijuana City Councilmembers Juan Carlos Hank and Rogelia Arzola
● Chula Vista Mayor John McCann and Councilmember Carolina Chavez
● Coronado Councilmember John Duncan
● Ambassador Carlos Gonzales Gutierrez Consul General of Mexico in San Diego.

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