What will it take to end hunger in San Diego County? San Diego Hunger
Coalition is determined to find out.

San Diego Hunger Coalition (SDHC) leads coordinated action to end hunger in San Diego County
supported by research, education and advocacy. This 501c3 nonprofit organization partners
with local stakeholders to improve food access, championing initiatives to feed our vulnerable
neighbors. They embody community service, going beyond business goals to address a
fundamental human issue – hunger.

The Hunger Coalition’s latest research estimates that 740,614 San Diego County residents (23%
or nearly 1 in 4) are food insecure, meaning they do not have enough nutritious food for an
active, healthy life. The work of San Diego Hunger Coalition positively impacts our regional
economy by helping tens of thousands of households each year to become financially stable
and stimulates the local economy by boosting people’s food budgets, enabling them to spend
not only more money at the grocery store but on other goods and services as well – all of which
supports local jobs and businesses.

San Diego Hunger Coalition elevates issues and practical solutions to San Diego County’s
elected officials, and they provide data, maps and dashboards with hunger statistics by district
illustrating current need, food assistance levels, and remaining unmet need by ZIP code.
Annually, 350+ organizations and 1,375 trained Hunger Free Navigators participate in an SDHCled training or taskforce. The Hunger Coalition’s leadership and facilitated tables also reduce
competition, enabling stakeholders to better align their efforts and resources through a datadriven approach to ending hunger.

The Hunger Coalition predicts that their Hunger Free San Diego initiative, including shared data
metrics and methodologies and the Hunger Free Navigator program, will be a national model
within five years. It has already been recognized by USDA, Baylor University and the National
Alliance to End Hunger for its innovation and effectiveness. SDHC was also awarded the 2023
Small Business Award by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

This year, on Thursday, November 16th, SDHC will host its 5th Annual State of Hunger luncheon
where they will be celebrating the successes of the hunger relief community and will be
presenting their latest data and leading solutions to hunger in San Diego County. If you would
like to attend visit