MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Episcopal Community Services

Forming a Foundation of Trust

Before PLF, Alexander Morales was a single father struggling to understand his son Antonio’s emotional needs. “I learned to have more patience with him,” Morales reveals, highlighting the personal growth he’s experienced through PLF’s programs. Today, Antonio is excelling in school, embodying the profound impact of PLF’s support. According to Morales, “My son has had an advantage that other kids haven’t had. You never know; he could be the president. He could be the mayor. Just from this program, the opportunity he had to come here… my son is getting the best.”

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About ECS

ECS provides $38 million in health and human services in the areas of homelessness, mental health, substance use disorder treatment, and early childhood education across 23 locations to more than 7,000 clients in the San Diego region.

ECS has six programs that provide this broad spectrum of care:

Para Las Familias (PLF) is an outpatient behavioral and mental health clinic, specializing in bilingual services for low-income children ages 0 to 12. They address behavioral issues stemming from trauma, such as illness, accidents, neglect, domestic violence, and child abuse. PLF offers screenings, assessments, and both family and group therapy, extending support into homes and classrooms through school observation and teacher/provider consultation. Besides child-focused services, PLF also extends mental health services to adults and conducts weekly parenting groups.

  • ACCORD assists adults arrested for DUI in reclaiming their lives through targeted treatments.
  • Central East Regional Recovery Center (CERRC) offers outpatient mental health support and substance use disorder treatments.
  • Head Start offers bilingual education for low-income children up to age five and wraparound services for their families.
  • Uptown and C-HRT Safe Havens provide transitional housing and evidence-based care for homeless adults with mental health disorders, supporting them on their journey to wellness.

ECS, breaking barriers and transforming communities.

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