San Diego County Advocacy Efforts

At the Chamber, we’re committed to advocating for policies and initiatives that drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life for all residents. In line with this mission, we actively engage with local government entities to champion initiatives that benefit our region. Here are recent examples of our county advocacy efforts:

Supporting Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rate Study-

We understand the critical role that healthcare providers play in ensuring the well-being of our community. That’s why we supported an item brought before the County Board of Supervisors to study Medi-Cal reimbursement rates for healthcare providers in our region. By examining these rates and exploring innovative ways to increase them at the local level, we aim to support our healthcare professionals and improve access to quality care for all residents. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering a healthy and thriving community.

Advocating for Housing Development in Unincorporated Areas-

Housing affordability and availability remain pressing issues in San Diego County. To address this challenge, we have been actively monitoring the progress of the County’s Housing Plan Element. During recent discussions, we spoke about the County’s progress in developing new housing and urged for more action, particularly in unincorporated areas. Encouraging new development and streamlining regulatory processes are essential steps towards increasing housing supply and addressing the housing crisis in our region. We remain committed to working collaboratively with local stakeholders to advance solutions that promote sustainable growth and housing affordability.

These initiatives exemplify our ongoing efforts to advocate for policies that support economic vitality, innovation, and community well-being in San Diego County.