Regional Housing Advocacy

The Chamber’s International & Public Affairs team has been working diligently for the last month advocating for pro-housing policies that ensure our region’s housing supply meets current and future demands. Lack of affordable housing in San Diego continues to be a top concern when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent for the region, and the Chamber remains committed to working with policymakers to make certain we address this issue.  

Policy Advisor Evan Strawn spoke to the City’s Planning Commission and the City Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee, urging their support of both the University Community Plan Update and Blueprint SD.

The Chamber led a coalition letter of trade organizations and other business organizations regarding Blueprint SD, providing general support but voicing the need to balance commercial development with housing development to ensure the City is promoting true and flourishing economic hubs across San Diego. 

Justine Murray, Executive Director of Public Affairs, joined a coalition of organizations to request the County Board of Supervisors re-think the County’s current VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) policies.

After the passage of VMT related policies, that number of developable homes in the unincorporated areas of the County was about 7,600 homes. The coalition voiced support for a return to the County’s general plan, which allowed for the development of about 58,000 new homes in San Diego’s unincorporated areas, an increase of about 50,000 homes, that were lost by the passage of VMT related policies.

The Chamber will continue to engage with stakeholders and partners at the County to promote policies that support the need to develop homes across all of San Diego.