San Diego-Based Computers 2 Kids Joins i-NETT’s Non-Profit Technology Fund

Computers 2 Kids (C2K), a prominent San Diego nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide by providing technology access and education to underserved communities, is proud to announce its partnership with i-NETT‘s Non-Profit Technology Fund.

i-NETT‘s new Non-Profit Technology Fund was established to provide support to nonprofit organizations with cutting-edge IT solutions, resources, and expertise designed to safeguard the integrity of nonprofits and to equip them with the technology necessary to further their mission.

Computers 2 Kids (C2K) is a leading advocate for Digital Equity by recycling and refurbishing computers and providing affordable access for the technologically underserved. Paired with training, connectivity, and support, C2K creates digital inclusion, which strengthens Health, Educational, and Economic Equity for all.

Cheri Pierre, CEO of Computers 2 Kids, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We at Computer 2 Kids are excited to join i-NETT‘s Non-Profit Technology Fund. This partnership will provide us with state-of-the-art IT solutions that are essential for protecting our donor and organizational information from cyber criminals. Additionally, the advanced software applications will streamline our workflow, allowing us to operate more efficiently and focus on our mission of empowering underserved communities with access to technology and education.”

“As CEO of i-NETT, I’m thrilled to welcome Computers 2 Kids to our Non-Profit Technology Fund program. By partnering with us, they’re not just embracing innovation; they’re securing their mission against the ever evolving threats of cybercrime and doxing. Together, we’re empowering organizations like Computers 2 Kids to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience, ensuring they can continue their invaluable work in communities without fear of compromise to their organization and donors.”

Through this partnership, Computers 2 Kids will gain access to i-NETT‘s comprehensive suite of technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of non-profit organizations. Nonprofits need sufficient IT support, especially at a time when it’s crucial for them to safely handle sensitive donor information. One of the questions facing nearly every nonprofit in the modern era is how to ensure that every dollar donated is secure, and every donor’s information is also protected. These resources will enable Computers 2 Kids to enhance its programs, expand its reach, and empower more individuals to succeed in the digital age.

Additionally, while many nonprofits are strapped for budget, i-NETT is working hand in hand to help them raise donations via “Technology Funds” with San Diego businesses and corporation stepping up to effectively “sponsor” those nonprofits, too. As part of the program, for every $200/month donated towards a nonprofit’s technology department, i-NETT will reduce their invoice by $100/month (effectively “matching the donation”) so that nonprofits maximize every dollar pledged towards their long-term IT infrastructure.