Stefanie Benvenuto

Stefanie Benvenuto

Vice President, Public Affairs

Stefanie Benvenuto is the Vice President of Public Affairs at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. There, she oversees the Chamber’s broad policy portfolio, positions, and advocacy efforts. While at the Chamber, Stefanie developed numerous community-based initiatives, including the Chamber’s young leader program, and its veteran-hiring recognition program.

In 2019, Stefanie was chosen by her fellow commissioners as the Chair of the San Diego Housing Commission. Following her appointment to the Commission in 2017, Stefanie is involved in the agency’s work to address and prevent homelessness, facilitate the development of affordable and permanent supportive housing units, and work with regional partners to continue to build on the organization’s successes.

Before joining the Chamber, Stefanie ran the government affairs and policy efforts for a major child-welfare non-profit working across Southern California. There she served in a variety of advisory roles for legislative efforts, including state and congressional task forces addressing foster care, child victims of trafficking, the transitional aged youth population, and child refugees.

Stefanie began working in community outreach while in college, interning for a local Assemblyman until she was hired on full time. She lives in the Clairemont area of San Diego, with her husband and their middle-schooler.

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