Adrian Bustamante Gonzalez

Plaza Agua Caliente, S.A. de C.V.

Adrian Bustamante is the Managing Director of Plaza Agua Caliente, S.A. de C.V., which comprises of the Grand Hotel Tijuana and the multi-tenant commercial building, both buildings are known as the Torres de Agua Caliente. The Grand Hotel Tijuana is the hotel leader in the San Diego-Tijuana region and currently has more than 400 employees. Mr. Bustamante´s responsibilities include directing the corporate strategies and long-term objectives towards the profitable growth and operation of the company. His leadership and innovation skills had led the Grand Hotel Tijuana to exceed the standards of performance and become a pioneer in the medical tourism sector. Mr. Bustamante Gonzalez obtained his Law Degree from Centro de Estudios Superiores del Noroeste in 2005. He started as the Head of the Legal Department, and then he became the Commercial Lease Director, and now he serves as the Managing Director. He studied in the United States and Mexico, and he represents the company to major customers and professional associations. His abilities include, among others, effective decision making, knowledge of markets and changing business environments, complex problem solving and visionary leadership.