Andrew Rhodes Espinoza

Commissioner of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP)

A biologist from the University of Puebla specialized in planning and financing for conservation. Obtained his education at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom and in Biology for the National Autonomous University of México He has worked over 13 years in conserving the natural heritage of México. His emphasis is in protected areas, sustainable management, and ecosystem conservation. In 2015, he was appointed the General Director of Institutional Development and Promotion. He is in charge of the international cooperation strategies, as well as the international designation processes for the strategy 2040 and the implementation of COP 13 in Cancún. Espinoza will also manage the international financing for protected natural areas. In 2017, he joined the network of Pronatura México as the CEO. As of 2018, he was appointed as National Commissioner of Protected Natural Areas. Andrew’s priority will be to ensure the management of natural gasses.