Carolina Chavez


Currently representing SIMNSA Health Plan as the Director of Binational Affairs, Public Relations and the SIMNSA Foundation. Coordinating with the three levels of government, to raise awareness of the needs of the Medical Tourism Sector and border matters. Government relations, land acquisition, negotiation of contracts for the current Medical Projects and Urban Development at the Tijuana - San Ysidro International Border . In a general focus, the main purpose is to develop work groups among the members of the medical tourism sector in Mexico, to create synergy at an International level, creating awareness of the potential of binational collaboration. As the Director of the SIMNSA Foundation, the main objective is to help underprivileged families in vulnerable situations. To name a few ways we assist our border community; we offer school scholarships, food, clothing, school uniforms, medical assistance and collaborate with the local government to create programs for endangered youth. Prior working positions include: -Colaborating in Binational Political Campaigns. -Working four terms at the Tijuana City Administrations in Binational Affairs and the Migration Commission. -Working as a Reporter for Televisa Tijuana, covering Border and Migration.