Frank Carrillo

SIMNSA Health Plan | President & CEO

Francisco Carrillo is founder, president and chief executive officer of the SIMNSA Health Plan, a licensed California health care service plan. In 2000, SIMNSA became the first Mexican organization to attain regulatory approval in the state of California, with the issuance of its Knox-Keene license. In 1998, Carrillo played an instrumental role in the development and passage of legislation that amended California law and created opportunities for true cross-border health plans in California. Prior to the creation of SIMNSA, Carrillo worked as a consultant for over 20 years with unions and other organizations seeking trans-border health care. A large portion of his career was dedicated to assisting agricultural employers who wanted to provide health care services in Mexico for workers and their families. Carrillo was born in Mexico and came to the United States as a child. As the son of migrant workers, his principal drive and passion in life has been to further develop trans-border health initiatives between Mexico and the United States. He resides in San Diego, California and is a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Mexico.