Mery Lopez-Gallo

Univision Radio

Mery has been actively involved in the San Diego community since joining the Univision Radio team, this year marks her 20th anniversary. But Mery has been involved in the region for much longer. Raised in Baja California, Mery’s work prior to Univision Radio was as Director of Tourism for the city of Rosarito. Mery has been heavily involved with both the San Diego community and the Baja California community for many years. Mery hosts a weekly radio program, De Viva Voz, on both KLNV/Que Buena106.5 and KLQV/Amor 102.9. These radio programs are a platform from which Mery discusses issues with Hispanic leaders from both sides of the border-topics ranging from legal aid and bi-national health to alcoholism, domestic violence, and the significance of the major issues impacting our Mexican Communities, that is why she and our present Mexican Consul Marcela Celorio initiated the radio segment La Voz del Consulado. Past interviewees include Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Landon Donovan, Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow, former Secretary of the US Army Louis Caldera and first Latina to be appointed 41st US Treasurer Rosario Marin. Most importantly in her more than 1,000 radio shows she has helped hundredths of non-profit organizations spread their messages to the community at no charge. Mery’ work hasn’t gone unnoticed by others in the industry. Through out her amazing career she has received numerous awards and recognitions like the KPBS’ Local Hero Award for “her commitment to community activism”. She has won several “Achievement in Radio” awards from the March of Dimes and the San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association, and received the national MADD Media Award. Mery is especially proud of her nomination to be a special counsel to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME), an honorary role, where she served a three year term as the ears and eyes of Mexican officials in the San Diego-Baja California Border Region. Lastly but not least, the San Diego Ad Club honored her with the San Diego Hispanic Marketing Lifetime Achievement Award. And most recently, Father Joe Villages choose her to be the face of the Latino Community in the campaign Believe you can create miracles.