Nancy Batterman

Options For All

Nancy Batterman, Chief Executive Officer of E&CO (Employment & Community Options), where she has provided more than 32 years of service to the nonprofit organization, is a leader in the advocacy for disability awareness and support. E&CO serves 1300 individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities within the following California counties: San Diego, Santa Clara, San Bernardino, Riverside and Santa Cruz. E&CO recently began the implementation of services in Austin, Texas. E&CO provides services for employment, independent living, community-based instruction and integration. Nancy is an alumnus of San Diego State University, where she earned both her Master of Business Administration and her Master’s in Education. She continues her support of SDSU by mentoring SDSU students in their final year of college. Nancy is also active in the Developmental Disability Provider Network in San Diego. Nancy is an active fundraiser for E&CO and for the Endowment Committee of her local church, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. Nancy has been active in the California Disability Services Association (CDSA), the trade association for agencies who serve individuals with developmental disabilities in CA for more than 20 years. Nancy is active in local politics, where she has learned the value of grassroots efforts while working on campaigns and supporting disability advocacy issues. In conjunction with the CDSA, Nancy meets with local legislators on an annual basis and has a strong working relationship with Assembly Member Brian Maienscheins’ office.