Steven Jones, Ph.D.

Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc.

Steven Jones, Ph.D., is the CEO of Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc., a firm that specializes in diversity and organizational effectiveness consulting. The mission of Jones & Associates is to “develop leaders and human systems that counter oppression through diversity, inclusion, and organizational excellence.”   Nationally known as one of America's Top Experts on Diversity (Diversity, Inc.), Dr. Jones shares his talents with the local San Diego Community in his role as President and CEO of the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce.   Dr. Jones serves on the board for the San Diego Chapter for Teach for America, helping students and educators throughout San Diego County achieve academic success. He also serves on the board for LEAD San Diego, an organization dedicated to inspiring leadership through self-awareness and education. He has been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal for the second year in a row as one of the top 500 Most Influential Business Leaders in San Diego County. “Dynamic keynote speaker,” “transformational facilitator,” “phenomenal organization effectiveness consultant,” and “innovative executive” have all been words used to describe Dr. Jones. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a master’s in Multicultural Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. He is author of Journey to Excellence, a book helping people define and achieve excellence in their lives. While Dr. Jones currently serves as a National Diversity Advisor to Sempra Energy, Honda, and Hyundai, he has also placed a significant amount of his focus on working with colleges, universities, independent and public schools to further their mission of becoming more diverse and inclusive at all levels. In the global arena, while he was studying business practices in Chang Mai, Thailand, Dr. Jones became the first person of African descent to be ordained as a Buddhist Monk at a 700 year old monastery called Wat Umong. Dr. Jones is sought after by leaders seeking to make real change as they prepare their organizations to step into the 21st century. He brings more than 22 years’ experience helping individuals and institutions throughout the country move beyond talk to action.