Tonatiuh Guillén López

National Institute of Migration (INM)

@INAMI_mx López has a Ph. D in Social Sciences with a specialty in Sociology from El Colegio de México. On December 1 of 2008 he was appointed to be the commissioner of National Institute. His past experiences, include leading a project as coordinator. The project was financed by The National Council of Science and technology.  From 2007-2017, he served as President of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte. The projects he worked on were border studies and International Immigration. He directed the Department of Public Administrator Studies and an academic journal Frontera Norte.  López has been a professor in many universities and institutions. His research specializes in regional policy studies, modernization of local governments, federalism and decentralization. This includes international immigration with a focus on Mexicans and Central Americans to and from the U.S. He has published 15 books with more than 60 book chapters and articles with academic journals.