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TFR collaborates with Modrn Medicin for a caffeinated event in honor of SDRCC Members  

This Feels Right did the unthinkable.  

This Feels Right (TFR) combined Product Development, Performance Marketing, Design, PR, and Content under one roof. Why is that important? Well, if you’re a business owner, you may have noticed that wrangling multiple teams across all those services is a bit like herding cats, and rarely produces the measurable results you’re looking for. It all works better when everything’s working in concert and keyed to measurable ROI. That does feel right 😉  

TFR is new to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since they were taught never to arrive at a party empty-handed – and love making an entrance – they’re coming with gifts. 

So, like the *effing* Catalina Wine Mixer before us, TFR wants to get to know you (and maybe sing some Andrea Bocelli) by buying you a cup of coffee. 

They’re partnering with Modrn Medicin, a Normal Heights coffee staple infusing Ayurvedic principles into coffee to add healing properties to your familiar caffeine ritual. Modrn Medicin harnesses the power of nature to harmonize the body, mind and spirit in every cup, and their wellness focus makes a perfect collaboration with This Feels Right’s positive community objectives.  

How Does It Work? How do you get that liquid-gold jumpstart to your day, free of charge? Just book a meeting with TFR HERE. Write SDRCC in the invite notes, tell them a bit about yourself, and chat. They’ll coordinate a meeting, and send you a coupon code for your coffee after you talk. 

Why Should I Meet This Feels Right?  TFR wants to learn about you and see if they can help your business take that next step. If you’re curious, they can tell you how they build measurable and scalable success for businesses like you, how they’ve reliably given clients their best SOV & social growth to date, and turned retail strategy into Target success. 

Or you and TFR can watch LOLCat videos together on YouTube. Or you can tell them about your day or your vacay. They’re happy to hear you out. They’re great listeners. Coffee’s for talking. 

Click here to book a meeting. This Feels Right can’t wait to meet you soon!  


CA Health Department Updates COVID Guidance

The State’s Department of Public Health has updated its COVID-19 guidance with a more relaxed approach to isolation and testing. People who have tested positive but do not have any symptoms will now be able to return to work and school. Cal/OSHA and school districts across the state have also adopted these guidelines.

Read the Guidance

Additional CDPH R​​resources

Additional Cal/OSHA Resources

Ped West Reopens North and Southbound Lanes

PedWest is now operating from 6 am to 2 pm northbound, and 3 pm to 11 pm southbound. 

Following a call between President Biden and President Lopez Obrador last month, where they agreed on the need for increased enforcement at the border, a U.S. delegation traveled to Mexico City to identify concrete actions to be taken. 

At the time, several pedestrian, vehicle, and rail crossings continued to be suspended until further notice, severely impacting trade and border communities. 

Senior officials including DHS Secretary Mayorkas, DOS Secretary Blinken, and White House Homeland Security adviser Sherwood-Randall met with President Lopez Obrador and other Mexican authorities in a shared commitment to address challenges at the border region. 

This includes managing irregular migration, combating illicit drugs, and reopening key ports of entry. Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alicia Barcena–with whom the Chamber met back in November–highlighted the “importance of reopening border crossings” as a priority for Mexico. More than 11,000 migrants continue to wait in shelters south of the border hoping to enter the U.S. through legal pathways such as the CBP One App. 

Even partial port of entry closures have tremendous economic consequences. From food and fuel to auto parts, key supply chains are disrupted and prices begin to surge, not to mention that grocery and certain products could become scarce. Since their partial closure last month, rail operations in Eagle Pass and El Paso, TX, which account for $33.95 Billion in annual trade, have resumed. 

In Lukeville, travelers had been adding a two- or three-hour detour to their closest ports of entry, and pedestrians waited up to five hours in San Ysidro during the busiest time of the year. CBP resumed vehicle and pedestrian operations in Eagle Pass, TX, Lukeville and Nogales, Arizona, and PedWest in San Ysidro, CA. 

The Chamber continues to urge Secretary Mayorkas to avoid any disruptions to ports of entry moving forward, as each port plays a key role in bilateral trade and everyday life for our border communities.


Federal Court Denies Berkeley’s Natural Gas Appeal

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined to revisit the California Restaurant Association case against the City of Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ban, agreeing that Federal Law preempts the ordinance.  

Cities in the region that have taken up natural gas bans are now reconsidering these policies. Chamber staff will be watching these policies closely in the City of San Diego, Encinitas, and others. 

Learn More

Mayor Todd Gloria’s State of the City

Mayor Todd Gloria delivered his 2024 State of the City Address this month, focusing on housing, homelessness, infrastructure and public safety. Of note, the mayor indicated support for state action on retail theft, including reforms to Prop 47. Additionally, the Mayor announced that he has signed a new executive order today requiring all relevant City departments to review new housing projects under the City’s Complete Communities program within 30 days. 

The Chamber will be working with City staff to learn more about the implementation of this Executive Order and will bring forward a discussion at our Transportation & Land Development Committee. 


U.S. Ambassador Salazar Visits Tijuana 

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar and EPA administrator Michael Regan visited our region this month. The trip focused on transboundary pollution and migration issues. They joined Baja Governor Avila and IB Mayor Paloma Aguirre to celebrate the groundbreaking for the rehabilitation of the Punta Bandera wastewater treatment plant in Tijuana, a major milestone to mitigate pollution impacting the Tijuana River Valley and our border communities. 

Ambassador Salazar also met with regional stakeholders to discuss actions and resources to address increased migration flows. Chamber staff urged him to consider proactive measures including a migrant processing office in southern Mexico and an international campaign to better inform migrants on the use of the CBP One App and other resources available to the migrant community before arrival at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Governor’s 24-25 Proposed Budget

The Governor recently released his Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Proposed Budget. With revised revenue predictions, the proposal estimated a $38B deficit (down from the $68B figure that the Legislative Analysts office had predicted). The spending gap is proposed to be closed through the use of reserves, expenditure and program delays, and spending cuts, including education, climate, and housing.

The Governor will release a revised plan in May after updated tax revenue numbers, and the Legislature has until June 15 to pass a balanced budget. The Chamber will be tracking this between now and the May Revise. 


Galpão Gaucho, known for its authentic cuisine inspired by the Gaucho…Brazil’s cowboy, opened its inaugural Southern California location at The Headquarters at Seaport District in San Diego and seventh in the U.S.

Galpão Gaucho features authentic cuisine inspired by the Brazilian cowboy (Gaucho) way of life. As part of an unlimited rodizio dining experience, guests can enjoy 17 marvelous cuts of meat such as beef, seafood, pork, chicken, lamb, and a gourmet salad bar with more than 45 options. Additional experience includes the a la carte bar menu at the elegant and lively bar area. Guests can enjoy signature cocktails and shareable plates served in the bar area, and the bar features weekday happy hour specials on both food and drink options. An incredible feature of the restaurant is the group dining experience, where parties up to 150 guests can experience the full rodizio menu in a group setting.

Galpão Gaucho San Diego is located at 789 West Harbor Drive, Ste #134, San Diego, CA 92101.The restaurant is open for lunch Monday through Friday, from 11:30am-2:30pm; dinner Monday through Thursday from 5-9:30pm; Friday from 5-10pm; Saturday from noon-10pm; and Sunday from noon-9pm. For more information and to book your reservation, visit, or call the San Diego location directly at (619) 373-9969.

Visit Galpao Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse on Social Media:



LEADers On The Move

We enjoy seeing what our graduates are doing and how they are making an impact on the world. Share your good news with us via email:

Elsa Roth (Impact 2018) is now the Executive Director of the Emilio Nares Foundation.

Dawn Wensel (Impact 2020) is now the Development Manager for Sharp HealthCare Foundation.

Kenia Zamarripa (Impact 2019) is now the Vice President of International Business Affairs for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Jimena Villaseñor (Impact 2024) is now a Policy Advisor for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Fiona King (Advance 2023) is now the Mentorship Chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals – San Diego Chapter.


Rally4Reilly & Friends was founded in 2017 when Founder and Executive Director, Mark Daggett’s, co-worker’s 23-month-old toddler, Reilly, sustained a major spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed below his shoulders and on a ventilator to breath. This is all too common that a perfectly normal day takes a sudden and drastic turn. Rally4Reilly & Friends is committed to helping children and adults who have been affected by a spinal cord injury (SCI).

Rally4Reilly & Friends began in 2017 with their focus and resources directed towards Reilly, but as time has passed, R4R&F has expanded and is able to help additional people in need.

Their mission is to provide financial and resource-based assistance to people that have been affected by a spinal cord injury. Their focus is to help cover the astronomical medical bills individuals endure following a SCI. Many medical bills and SCI services are not covered by insurance, and this is where R4R&F steps in.

Rally4Reilly & Friends is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization in San Diego run by a group of passionate community business professionals that believe strongly in giving back to the SCI community. As R4R&F increases their presence and awareness in the community, they hope to act as a voice of advocacy for the SCI community.

If you are interested in being a Rally4Reilly & Friends board member or community partner, please contact or visit their website: