Education & Workforce Roundtable

Businesses need a qualified workforce to thrive. The Education & Workforce Roundtable works in collaboration with employers, educators and job training programs to ensure local students receive an excellent education and relevant training to prepare them for the workforce and/or college. The committee is also focused on supporting local efforts to assist youth employment programs and the implementation of major workforce-focused legislation such as the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which has significant implications for career-driven pathway development and removing barriers to employment.

The Education & Workforce Roundtable meets quarterly. If you’re interested in learning more about our committee or would like to join the Education & Workforce Roundtable, contact Angeli Hoyos.

Interested in starting a work experience program to help build a strong workforce tomorrow? View our Work Experience Programs resource page to learn more about the different ways companies can involve students or future employees.

Committee Chairs

Chair: Vince Vasquez

Vice Chair: Leila Naderi

Focus Statement:

The Chamber’s Education and Workforce Roundtable supports advocacy and direct efforts to ensure California remains competitive in a global economy through quality education system programs and policies that lay the foundation for a strong future for the economic and overall well-being of our communities, youth, and its residents.

Policy Platform:

The Chamber’s Education and Workforce Roundtable is committed to supporting local, state, and federal legislation that:

  • Promotes increased accountability for student performance and learning outcomes through the use of efficient systems and metrics, and advocate for quality implementation of policies that support student career readiness
    • Continue to support effective implementation of State ESSA Plan
    • Continue to support adequate funding of the Local Control Funding Formula
  • Expand resources to support parents in their child’s educational success
    • Advance access to and quality implementation of the early childhood education investments, including access to childcare for working parents
  • Create partnerships to deliver high school and college graduates with 21st Century skills, including an emphasis on STEAM and San Diego’s priority sectors
    • Career and Technical Education courses in high schools and college
    • Support and promote internship and job shadowing programs
    • Linked Learning
  • Cultivate business and civic leaders to drive quality education reform and partner with local school districts for education initiatives.
    • Provide diverse career exposure throughout K-12 via Career Day
    • Foster high-wage job creation, business growth, and economic development in San Diego
  • Improve student access to and completion of post-secondary education and training, including degrees, certificates, and credentials.
    • Support and advocate for DACA legislation
    • Support state adoption of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)
    • Support Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA)