SDChamber PAC

The San Diego Chamber is dedicated to making the San Diego region the best place to live and work. The San Diego Chamber Political Action Committee (SDChamber PAC) allows for greater engagement and activity on a number of advocacy activities across the San Diego region. As a non-federal PAC, the SDChamber PAC works specifically on city, county, and statewide issues to elect candidates and support ballot measures that are vital to maintaining and improving the health of the San Diego business community. The PAC has played a significant role in several successful initiatives including the passage of the Proposition B ballot measure, opposing anti-business and jobs regulations, and ensuring that business-friendly candidates are elected to city and county positions.

If you would like to receive a questionnaire to be considered for an endorsement, please reach out to Chamber Vice President and COO Jaymie Bradford at

SDChamber PAC Board

Warren Ruis
PAC Chair

Jerry Sanders
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

Ben Haddad
California Strategies, LLC

John LaRaia
H.G. Fenton Company

Alessandra Lezama

Tom Sudberry
Sudberry Properties

Cassandra Weinlein
Cox Communications

SDChamber PAC Donations

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