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Sonia De Los Santos: Música

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Sonia De Los Santos exudes the joy she sings about. This whole-hearted concert includes songs from her three family music albums: Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island (Parents Choice Gold Award Winner), ¡Alegría! (Latin Grammy Nominee) and Esperanza. Singing in both Spanish and English, Sonia’s music is inspired by various Latin American rhythms like son jarocho, cumbia and salsa, as well as the North American folk traditions from the United States. It’s hard not to smile when she’s sharing some of her favorite things—migrating birds, friendship, chocolate, and anecdotes about growing up in Mexico and realizing her childhood dream of moving to New York.

In her highly interactive performances, kids and families love singing along in Spanish and English, dancing in and out of their seats while learning about musical instruments and rhythms from Latin America. Sonia’s messages of finding hope and connection in our global community inspire and excite children and grown ups of all backgrounds.

MiraCosta College and Kruglak Art Gallery Present: Everything Dissolves

Kline Swonger is a cross-disciplinary artist whose research and sculptural work revolves around perception and psychology of space. She imagines place as residing simultaneously in both physical and emotional landscapes, the moments experienced in-between offering new perspective and opportunity for discovery. Through her work she explores the relationship formed when the boundary between internal and external dissolves, and the consequence of separation or fragmentation. She formally integrates spatial boundaries, subtle shifts in light and details, and manipulated materials which engage the senses into her works. Through aesthetically quiet sculpture installations with the world through their senses, space for reflection is created. Viewers are invited to explore their own thresholds of perception, noticing their engagement with the world through their senses.

An Evening with Richard Dreyfuss

Join us for a special speaking engagement with Richard Dreyfuss who will be interviewed by MiraCosta College film faculty, Professor Florene Villane.