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Bringing San Diego Business to Sacramento

Sacramento meeting
The Chamber’s group of 45 delegates traveled to Sacramento in March to meet with San Diego’s elected officials, as well as representatives from the California Transportation Committee, Department of Water Resources, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, Governor Brown’s Executive Secretary, the Senate Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee.

The trip offered the Chamber the opportunity to discuss some of its key priorities, including the “Pacific to Plate” legislation, AB 504 (the Civic San Diego bill), Cal Grant award funding, and affordable housing.

The annual trip puts into focus the work that the Chamber does to advance policies that support our business community and it is clear that the face-time with our legislators and those influencing the decisions on these issues is very significant.

The delegation was reminded – more than once during meetings – how San Diego’s distance from the Capitol can impact the awareness some have with our region’s needs and critical business issues. That’s why it is so important for the Chamber to lead this trip and ensure the San Diego business community has a voice in Sacramento.

The Status Quo Has Changed for Business Financing

03 TritonCapitalIt’s easy to rely on the traditional things we know, on what’s been around for many years. The traditional is comforting and often times good enough. So why change?

Going the non-traditional route can be scary. It’s unkown. It’s the very reason many feared the Internet and its unfounded capabilities not so many years ago. Can the Internet really be that helpful? Can it really be as good as they say? But it’s non-traditional.

Non-traditional financing was born in a time of economic change. As unexpected as its arrival was in the economy, it quickly proved to be a relevant option for businesses big and small. And with good reason: non-traditional financing companies such as Triton Capital take into consideration more than a company’s credit score and cash flow ratios when making financing decisions. They keep the business’s best interest at the forefront of the relationships they build.

“We’re very much looking for companies who want long-term solutions and partnering instead of meeting short-term needs and moving on. We’re in it for the long haul,” says Andrew Paulson, who has been with Triton Capital since its inception in 2008. “Triton takes a customer-centric and business owner-driven approach that allows us to really understand a business and its needs both today and into the future.”

Unlike many traditional forms of financing, Triton wants to learn what type of financing (both traditional and non-traditional) best benefits a business, and align a customized solution. Through learning about each company, the unique situation, and its particular financing needs, Triton is able to offer a suite of different credit products that reflect the specific short- and long-term goals of a business. Benefitting from the financial solutions that Triton Capital offers, 80% of companies return in the future for additional funding.

It’s big. It’s non-traditional. It’s the present and future of business lending.

Andrew Paulson, Director
Triton Capital
1455 Frazee Rd, 5th Floor

REC Consultants, Inc: Civil Engineering, Land Development and Environmental Consulting

03 RECConsultantsREC Consultants is a professional service Civil Engineering, Land Development and Environmental Compliance consulting firm. We offer a wide variety of land use and construction related consulting services for any sized project, to every level of entitlement. Our multi-disciplined team oriented approach integrates civil engineering planning and design, environmental planning and permitting, land surveying, storm water management, open space design and geographic information systems. REC Consultants understands that by combining the most advanced technology with a team of multi-disciplinary experts creates projects that are designed, permitting and constructed without delays.

Since our founding 20 years ago, REC Consultants has consistently provided high quality, competitively priced engineering, environmental, surveying and storm water services. Our staff is comprised of technical experts that are skilled in completing projects under the increasingly complex permitting environment within Southern California. Our technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of local planning regulations, environmental laws, federal and state regulations provide clients with the knowledge they need to avoid costly delays in project implementation.

REC Consultants civil engineers prepare both public and private sector projects from concept through construction. Our storm water technical experts are leaders in the field of hydromodification analysis, including the preparation of hydromodification management plans and storm water management modeling. Our environmental scientists are experienced in helping Projects comply with all requirements of local, State and federal environmental regulations and specialize in California Environmental Quality Act compliance, National Environmental Policy Act compliance and resource agency permitting. REC Consultants biologists have completed hundreds of biological resource surveys within Southern California and are experts in habitat mapping, special status species surveys, construction monitoring, wetland creation and enhancement and long term mitigation identification, monitoring and maintenance. Our geographic information specialists provide a full spectrum of mapping services, including geospatial data creation, integration, analysis, and visual simulation. REC Consultants also maintains an in-house survey team, out-fitted with the latest survey equipment available for the most accurate site survey results.

REC Consultants are experts at taking projects from the conceptual phase to the operational phase. Our integrative project management approach incorporates input from our multi-disciplinary technical specialists, allowing for the avoidance of technical issues and completion of projects in a timely manner.

Hannah Gbeh, Senior Project Manager
REC Consultants, Inc.
2442 Second Avenue

Go Rentals: Changing the Way You Think About Car Rentals

03 GoRentalsGo Rentals is an elite car rental service company, with special emphasis on service. The company is also the only one specializing in the private jet and commercial air industry since 1995. Still a family-owned and operated business, Go Rentals has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Florida and service to over 45 airports and various fine hotels and resorts.

With services that cater to business as well as leisure travelers, Go Rentals is changing the way consumers think about car rentals. When guests rent with Go Rentals, they can expect:

  • A greeting from a professional, knowledgeable and friendly Carcierge®
  • Paperwork completed pre-arrival to minimize delays
  • Unmatched selection of vehicles from economy to luxury
  • Guaranteed make and model of your reserved vehicle upon arrival
  • All vehicles are hand washed with full attention to detail; personal preferences are included upon request
  • Customized delivery and pick-up of vehicle to any specified location
  • All luxury sedans and SUVs are equipped with factory navigation systems

We’ve been focusing our attention on providing our services in major markets – our San Diego locations allow for convenient access to Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Imperial counties” says company President, Kavous Gitibin. “Because we pick up and deliver to any location, our offices need to be strategically located to our guests so we can deliver in a timely manner.”

We provide service at San Diego International Airport, McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, or Montgomery Field Airport in San Diego. To make a reservation with Go Rentals, visit us at or call 800 464 8267.

Go Rentals
Melissa Meade, Area Manager
D: 619-330-5933
C: 619-929-2229
3300 Terminal Link Road
San Diego, CA 92101

Increase Your Small Business ROI with The Auction Method

Introducing the American Auction Company

03 AmericanAuctionAs a global leader in auctions for over 20 years and located near the Sports Arena, the American Auction Company is committed to offering a sound value proposition for all of our customers, Buyers and Sellers. As a buyer at auction, a business buyer will realize substantial savings over the retail market. As a Seller, businesses will realize substantial benefits:

  • Our auctions are offered for bidding to a worldwide internet audience 24hrs. a day seven days prior to a live auction event that results in increased competitive bidding and higher sales prices.
  • We ship your sold product to buyers throughout the United States which creates a huge bidder pool interested in your auction items.
  • Our award winning marketing staff ensures your inventory is marketed to potential buyers using large circulation newspaper, radio, billboards, emails, SMS text messaging, social media sites, press releases, Internet auction event and specialty sites, and more.
  • Small businesses average $23,000 in excess unused/unsold equipment and inventory to sell. Auction that inventory and quickly recoup return on your investment.
  • You will be paid substantially faster when you sell at auction over selling your goods with big box retailers.
  • Our team of experts works for you in marketing, sales, customer service, events, Internet services, and shipping through to settlement and accounting. – You have choices – Partner in your auction success using our 24 hr. Seller portal Open Market system, or let us handle everything for you.

Years in development, our Open Market system was designed to deliver the highest profit for auctions through easy-to-use cloud-based software accessible to Sellers with value added options such as:

  • Real-time access to your Consignment Account
  • Upload inventory, descriptions and photos of your property. (Or American Auction Company can handle this on your behalf).
  • Request transportation and pickup of your product.
  • View real-time auction sales results.
  • Receive year-end summaries of all your auction results.
  • Assign people in your organization with different permission levels to access your account.
  • Edit our descriptions of your product.
  • Easily communicate directly online with your American Auction Company representative.

Our team of experts is ready to work for you in marketing, sales, customer service, events, and Internet services through to settlement and accounting.

Start Recouping Your ROI today – CALL US NOW and request an Onsite No Cost Consultation

619-447-1196 or 800-801-8880

Community Partner of the Month: Wheelchair Dancers Organization

03 WDO
The Chamber is proud to announce its newest Community Partner, the Wheelchair Dancers Organization! The Wheelchair Dancers Organization (WDO), 501c3 non-profit, is a community leader offering adaptive dance classes for all ages. The organization has been in the forefront since 2008. Year-around and free to all participants, WDO has conducted over 800 Ballroom, Latin, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop wheelchair dance classes, serving the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of physically challenged individuals – the ‘rollers’ – and their able-bodied volunteer dance partners – the ‘walkers’.

WDO TEACHES the “walkers” and our “rollers” to move to the rhythms of music and dance for free! The organization gratefully welcomes volunteers to experience this incredible program!

Wheelchair dancing crosses the boundaries of age, gender, and physical ability. Classes include individuals using manual or power chairs.

WDO is the first organization to launch a Ballroom and Latin Wheelchair Dance Program on the West Coast. WDO provides recreational and performance dancing events, free monthly classes, workshops, seminars, fundraisers, flash mobs, and synchronized dance routines.

03 WDO2
The Wheelchair Dancing Organization has been recognized by the San Diego community for commitment and dedication to the disabled community with awards and recognitions. In 2014, the organization won the Sharp Healthcare Eagle Spirit Award for Community involvement and achievements.

All classes are free and open enrollment. Their current 8 week Swing and Salsa evening dance classes at Grossmont Hospital Auditorium are detailed on our website.

For more information regarding WDO’s activities, free dance classes, and recent captivating videos of programs visit the Wheelchair Dancers Organization’s website.

Contact Bev Weurding, CEO for more information 858-573-1571.

You can also learn more of what WDO is doing socially and how you can get involved by following WDO on the Wheelchair Dancers Facebook.