Community Partner of the Month: Travelers Aid Society of San Diego

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The Travelers Aid Society of San Diego has been serving residents and visitors to San Diego for over a century. We help stranded travelers, veterans, victims of domestic violence, and low income seniors with transportation, shelter placement, and counseling.

Our SenioRide program began in 2009 and has become incredibly popular. We have over 1,000 clients enrolled, and more than 3,000 monthly rides are provided at an average cost of $4.46 per ride. It serves low-income seniors over 60 with a menu of transportation options that they can select and customize. We offer taxicab vouchers, door-to-door service vouchers, a volunteer driver program, and senior bus passes. Seniors can select one, two, or all of the options each month to serve their needs, which range from getting back and forth to medical appointments, to shopping, to social engagements. This helps seniors to age in place, maintain independence, and protects them from isolation.

The purpose of the Journey to Safety program is to provide support services to women and children living in San Diego who are coping with domestic violence. The services include counseling, case management, and local and long distance transportation assistance. The program seeks to give these victims the support they need by helping them to put their lives back together and by giving them the skills and tools they need to become self-reliant. These women can develop and regain their self-esteem in a safe, secure environment.

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Each year, Travelers Aid volunteers assist more than two million visitors at major transportation hubs like the airport, train station, and cruise ship terminal with information, directions, reservations, and advice. They also personally assist and accompany severely injured military personnel and their families as they navigate the airport. Our Ready, Pet, Go program at the airport brings therapy dogs to weary and/or stressed out passengers, airport employees, and even the TSA agents, adding much-needed levity and sweetness to our terminals.

We have many volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping out seniors, and for those interested in travel. Take a look at our website for more information and a volunteer application.