Splash – Online Presence Management

Splash – Online Presence Management is a digital marketing agency that is passionate about helping small business owners connect with their customers online. Having recently launched, we are quickly building a library of extensive resources designed to make your marketing decisions easier. We are truly here to help you find the best tips and tricks to grow your business and reach your audience.

Or, if you don’t have the time to tackle the beast that is “the internet” yourself, we will do the heavy lifting for you. Our list of services and specialties include various strategies to reach, engage, and convert your online audience. Mostly, this includes paid advertising, social media management, website optimization, content marketing, and countless other techniques that all small businesses need, but not enough are using to their advantage.

The constant innovations in digital marketing are changing the game for small businesses literally every day. From the move to mobile, to the building popularity of video advertising and live streaming, opportunities are opening for you to connect with your audience in new, inexpensive, and often fun ways. You simply must be building and executing strategies that drive traffic to your website and build brand awareness online, or you’re just missing out on one of the most important ways to scale your business.

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