Community Partner of the Month: DECA

DECA 2DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

California has always been a place of unlimited innovation, monumental discovery, and no matter your circumstances, a place where you can achieve big dreams. That is why our great state adopted “Eureka” as our motto based on our long history of gold discovery. And in that same Californian spririt, California DECA, since 1951, has always supported the unparalleled innovation for our students, providing them with opportunities to discover new interests and develop essential skills for a 21st century workforce, all while serving as a place where students from the most rural parts of our state to our largest cities can make their dreams a reality.

DECA 3If you are looking help students find success and prepare for meaningful careers with the same passion for innovation and discovery that helped build California and make it the entrepreneurial leader it is today, we believe once you learn more about California DECA, you will proudly proclaim “Eureka!”

To keep pace with the growing needs of a changing workforce and evolving education system, California DECA has worked tirelessly to expand and innovate our programs to ensure our students are at the cutting edge of college and career readiness.

DECAWe have eight guiding principles that will give you more insight into our commitments to the students, schools, and communities.


  • Integrates into the classroom learning
  • Applies learning
  • Connects to business
  • Promotes competition


DECA ensures students are…

  • Academically prepared
  • Community oriented
  • Professionally responsible
  • Experienced leaders

DECA LogoUsing these eight principles, California DECA continues to excel as a co-curricular organization that connects the learning students are doing in the classroom with real world experience and industry connections.

Are you interested in helping prepare today’s emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management?

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