New Innovative Water Bottle on Kickstarter

Logo (3)FitPod is a revolutionary new way to take your hydration to the next level. Using the Shark Tank backed, Clean Bottle technology along with an easy to use charge pod, users can enhance their water throughout the day easily with a squeeze! Simply load your FitPod Charge or One-Shot with your favorite powder or liquid based supplements, then place the FitPod on the bottom portion of the bottle, fill with water, and squeeze at your own convenience!

Still for Sponsored Content_02Specialized for pre and postworkout powders, The One-Shot offers a one time use. The FitPod Charge offers up to ten infusions with one fill, perfect for those liquid-based water enhancers like Stur or MiO. The FitPod Charge or One-Shot will only release enhancements when the user squeezes the bottle while the cap is closed. This eliminates the risk of over-flavoring your water and gives the user complete control over their supplements and enhancements.

On top of giving users a fully customizable water enhancement experience, all of our products are also made with high-quality BPA-free plastics. We use only the best materials so that our users can feel confident that every charge is free of nasty chemical byproducts. We believe that lesser grade plastic water bottles should be a thing of the past, so that consumers can feel safe while enjoying what they need most, healthy hydration.

Fitpod. The Bottle We’ve All Been Waiting For. Gain More, Carry Less.

Learn more at and check us out on Kickstarter today!

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