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“The Music of Servant Leadership” – Servant Leadership Institute’s 2017 Conference

slcLeaders who seek to begin their journey toward servant leadership — or take another step forward in turning the traditional power model upside down — will gather in San Diego on March 13 and 14 for the annual Servant Leadership Conference, hosted by the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI).

The event theme, The Music of Servant Leadership, reflects the fact that servant leaders are tasked with inspiring and equipping people to play in harmony to produce extraordinary results.

This conference is intentionally kept to an intimate size (no more than 300) to ensure attendees have the chance to interact with the fantastic lineup of world-class thought leaders who will share their servant leadership knowledge as speakers, panelists, and workshop presenters.

All Speakers_Alpha

In addition to SLI’s founder, Art Barter, and leadership guru Ken Blanchard, confirmed keynote speakers are Charles Hazlewood, an internationally renowned conductor and speaker; Kirsten Hadeed, a young entrepreneur who’s grown a part-time business she started during college into an award-winning company; and Juliet Funt, a productivity authority.

Attendees will also learn from several “conductors” who are actively creating their “beat” on a daily basis as they lead others. And, there will be plenty of time to practice through participation in lively interactive sessions. In little more than a day and a half, conference-goers will study all the pieces that must come together to create a beautiful melody in their workplace — and they’ll return home raring to conduct their own successful “symphony.”

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This post is brought to you in partnership with the Servant Leadership Institute.

San Diego Council President Myrtle Cole Shares Policy Priorities with Chamber Board of Directors

MColeThe Chamber Board of Directors welcomed Council President Myrtle Cole at its first meeting of 2017. Council President Cole shared her priorities with the Board, which included tackling homelessness, housing affordability, infrastructure funding, and economic development.

Council President Cole also spoke energetically about Council District 4 and her work to bring jobs and economic vitality to the area. As the City’s first African-American woman serving as Council President, Councilmember Cole ended her address with a heartfelt message on the importance of inclusiveness in public policy.


An Update from the San Diego Regional Chamber

Jerry Sanders, Chamber President & CEO

Jerry Sanders, Chamber President & CEO

I hope you’re enjoying a productive new year so far. I’d like to share a few updates on what the Chamber is doing to drive San Diego’s economy and the business community.

First, the Chargers –

We were all disappointed to learn about the Chargers’ final decision to leave San Diego, especially considering the hard work we put in to support Measure C and additional stadium alternatives.

But, the good news is that this has opened the door to new opportunities. We thank Mayor Faulconer for his hard work on the stadium issue and look forward to working with his team and other key community stakeholders on what’s next for sports in San Diego.

The San Diego region has also been in the spotlight recently as a result of actions taken by the new presidential administration.

Last week, the Chamber hosted a luncheon to promote international trade and cross-border business. Nearly 200 business leaders and elected officials joined us for an engaging presentation from UCLA Economics Professor, Dr. Lee Ohanian, who provided an academic context to the conversation surrounding President Trump’s protectionist policies and decision to move forward with NAFTA negotiations.

With San Diego’s export economy valued at $22 bilion, protecting cross-border trade remains a high priority for the Chamber team. We hope you will support our efforts by joining us for the 2017 Binational Delegation to Mexico City in March.

Speaking with KUSI on the importance of cross-border commerce to San Diego's economy

Speaking with KUSI on the importance of cross-border commerce to San Diego’s economy

UCLA Economics Professor, Dr. Lee Ohanian, Delivering an Academic Keynote Address

UCLA Economics Professor, Dr. Lee Ohanian, Delivering an Academic Keynote Address

Luncheon Guests, Scripps Health

Luncheon Guests, Scripps Health

This week, I was invited by Congressmember Scott Peters to be one of ten individuals to testify at a meeting of the Congressional Border Caucus in Washington, D.C. The bipartisan hearing brought local perspectives from across the nation to counter the proposals of the Trump administration that threaten border commerce.

It was an honor to represent San Diego, which serves as a national model for cross-border commerce. To learn more about the Chamber’s stance on international trade, I invite you to read an article from the San Diego Business Journal, Sanders Tells Congress: ‘An Efficient Border is a Safe Border.

Representing San Diego at the Congressional Border Caucus Hearing in Washington, D.C.

Representing San Diego at the Congressional Border Caucus Hearing in Washington, D.C.

Finally, I’d like to thank the following local businesses for inviting me to get a behind-the-scenes look at their operations:

  • AquaVie Spa & Wellness Center
  • Ardea Biosciences
  • AYA Healthcare
  • Cabrillo Technologies
  • Dole Fresh Fruit Company
  • Kearny Real Estate
  • Metaverse
  • Piston Agency
  • ROR Group, LLC

I’d also like to congratulate The Chicago School of Professional Psychology on their grand opening yesterday evening.

On the Dole Atlantic with Chief Engineer Captain Nijjar and Vice President Barry Jung of the Dole Fresh Fruit Company

On the Dole Atlantic with Chief Engineer Captain Nijjar and Vice President Barry Jung of the Dole Fresh Fruit Company

Looking ahead, I hope you will join us next week for the Chamber’s 146thAnniversary Celebration and take part in our vision for the future of San Diego. Business visionary and Top Ten CNN Hero, Derreck Kayongo, will help us unveil our 2017 theme, “Building Together,” while inspiring us to dream big and solve challenges in any organization.

If you’re looking to get involved in the Chamber’s policy efforts, I strongly encourage you to apply for the Chamber Leadership Delegation to Sacramento on February 28 and March 1. This trip is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to make their voice heard and ensure the priorities of Sacramento reflect the needs of San Diego’s regional business community.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you at a Chamber event soon.

Jerry Sanders
President & CEO
San Diego Regional
Chamber of Commerce

Chamber CEO Delivers Testimony on Border Economics at Congressional Hearing

Border Caucus 1.23.17On January 23, Chamber President & CEO Jerry Sanders was invited by Congressmember Scott Peters to be one of ten individuals to testify at a meeting of the Congressional Border Caucus in Washington, D.C. The bipartisan hearing brought local perspectives from across the nation to counter the proposals of the Trump administration that threaten border commerce.

During the hearing, both Congressmember Peters and Jerry Sanders explained that San Diego views the the border region and its relationship with Mexico as an opportunity, not as a threat. Both representatives shared several approaches to maintain national security while also spurring economic vitality in local communities.

“Our border infrastructure needs to become more of a priority including investments in technology and staffing of customs agents to achieve greater efficiencies and thereby ensure security. We continue to have hundreds of officer vacancies which is why we need to streamline the CBP hiring process to reduce the time it takes to get an officer to the front line…

We also need a commitment and willingness to fund border infrastructure through mechanisms such as public private partnerships such as the future Otay II border crossing which will be funded by users through tolls, and our very own Cross-Border Xpress, the first-ever cross-border pedestrian bridge linking the U.S. to Tijuana’s International airport.

It is a great example of a border crossing spearheaded by private investment that enhances national security through its efficiency and is also a profitable business contributing to economic vitality.”

– Jerry Sanders, President & CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

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LEAD San Diego Announces Six Local Nonprofit Organizations Chosen as 2017 Leadership Action Team Partner Agencies

Nonprofits will benefit from 2017 IMPACT San Diego program participants’ expertise and leadership

LEAD San Diego directly brings about positive change in our region through Leadership Action Teams (LATs), the service learning component of LEAD’s flagship 10-month program, IMPACT San Diego. IMPACT not only provides participants with a greater understanding of the critical issues and key players in our region, it also motivates participants to use their skills to become engaged with community organizations and causes.

The 58 members of LEAD’s IMPACT San Diego Class of 2017 have been divided into six LATs, each with nine to 11 participants. Each LAT has been matched with a local nonprofit agency that can benefit from the team members’ expertise and leadership to work on an individualized project.

Here are the six Leadership Action Team nonprofit partner agencies selected to work with the 2017 IMPACT class, along with a description of their projects:

Angels Foster Family Network – Angels Foster Family Network is dedicated to ensuring that babies and toddlers in foster care in San Diego get the best start in life. The organization works with the San Diego County Department of Child Welfare and complies with all state and federal health and safety guidelines, but they are an independent organization. LEAD’s LAT will develop a communications and marketing plan to increase the organization’s visibility in the community, thus increasing the number of parents/families who will foster. For more information about Angels Foster Family Network, go to

Home Start, Inc. – Home Start is committed to a community-based collaborative effort to reach children and families at risk and prevent child abuse and neglect. Throughout Home Start’s diverse and expansive network, there is a shared commitment from staff and partners to assure every child has a safe, stable and nurturing home. The LEAD LAT will develop a business and marketing plan for the Home Start Thrift Boutique social enterprise. The Thrift Boutique provides a way for homeless mothers to obtain work experience and develop their work skills. To learn more about Home Start, go to

Outside the Lens – Since 2001, Outside the Lens (OTL) empowers youth to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community, and their world. OTL has delivered its adaptable curriculum to 13,000 children in weekly classes, after-school programs, summer sessions, workshops and teacher trainings. Students tell their unique personal stories through photography, video and other digital media forms while under the guidance of writers, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, artists and teachers. LEAD’s LAT will develop a targeted marketing plan for OTL’s Cameras in the Classroom program, a cumulative yearlong program which teaches youth digital photography and video skills; increase creative engagement in the classroom; encourage youth to explore the topics of identity, family, community, and the environment; and, promotes media literacy to help youth critically evaluate messages conveyed by the media. Cameras in the Classroom targets Title I schools in traditionally underserved neighborhoods. For more information about Outside the Lens, go to

San Diego Performing Arts League – The San Diego Performing Arts League (SDPAL) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote San Diego’s performing arts. SDPAL also provides educational seminars and workshops for performing arts professionals in the San Diego region, and provides them with the opportunity to network and gain insight into common issues. The LEAD LAT will create strong brand awareness for a new SDPAL program, San Diego Theatre Week. To learn more about San Diego Performing Arts League, go to

Serving Seniors – Since 1970, Serving Seniors has been the leading provider of programs and services for low-income seniors in San Diego County. They are the only organization in San Diego, and one of the few in the country, which provides such a broad base of vital services to a vulnerable, at-risk population of older adults. LEAD’s LAT will create a targeted engagement plan for community leaders and key stakeholders, creating strategies to ensure further agency engagement. For more information about Serving Seniors, visit

United Women of East Africa Support Team – United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST) is a nonprofit organization comprised of more than 200 East African women with the goal of responding to the overlooked health needs of East African women and their families that affect their well-being. UWEAST is meeting City Heights’ overwhelming request to address the physical and mental health related needs of East African refugee women. The LEAD LAT will develop a three-year strategic plan for UWEAST’s core programs. For more information about UWEAST, go to

LEAD San Diego’s six LATs have already begun work with their nonprofit partner agencies. LEAD’s LATs will present their completed projects at the IMPACT San Diego graduation and community showcase, which is free and open to the public, on Friday, June 2, 2017 at the Irwin M. Jacobs Hall on the Qualcomm campus, 5775 Morehouse Drive, San Diego 92121. Qualcomm is host and sponsor of the Class of 2017 graduation, which provides an opportunity for the community to support the nonprofit partner agencies and hear first-hand about the work team members have contributed over the six months.

Macroeconomics Expert Shares Insight on Immigration and U.S.-Mexico Trade Relations

On January 18, nearly 150 business leaders gathered for the Chamber’s Cross-Border Vision for 2017 Luncheon. The event featured a keynote presentation from Dr. Lee E. Ohanian, Professor of Economics at UCLA and former advisor to the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. After the keynote presentation, IBA Committee Leader Heidy Salum led a Q&A session between Dr. Ohanian and the audience.

A few takeaways from Dr. Ohanian’s presentation:

  • The two main factors contributing to the United States’ economic prosperity are investments (equipment, technology, innovation, human capital, government investments) and constant productivity growth
    • Business productivity growth, however, is no longer at 2.5 percent
    • Instead, we now face a 0.8 percent increase in productivity each year
    • Increasing the productivity rate will be President Trump’s main challenge
  • UCLA Economics Professor, Dr. Lee E. Ohanian

    UCLA Economics Professor, Dr. Lee E. Ohanian

    Income growth in the United States depends on productivity and how many extra people are in the workforce

  • Economic studies report the benefit of international trade to the average U.S. household is $10,000 per year
  • President Trump has threatened both China and Mexico with tariffs
    • Doing so would “shoot ourselves in the foot” – goods cross the United States and Mexico as much as 14 times before they’re sold in the marketplace
    • We have a very complex and rich international supply chain with Mexico and other countries
  • Chamber-IMG_2684The U.S. history of trade protectionism is not good for the American consumer
    • For example, the U.S. sugar industry was never competitive in the global marketplace (and never will be)
    • However, the U.S. sugar industry has benefited from tariffs since 1789
    • As a result, American sugar is up to 180 percent above the world price and the entire U.S. confection industry has vanished
    • For every sugar job we saved, we lost 3 confection jobs
  • Many of Trump’s policies appeal to people who have had a difficult time; however, promises of trade barriers give a false sense of hope
    • “The train of globalization has left the station, and there’s no closing those barn doors.”
  • Cross-Border Vision Luncheon for 2017What should we do to help those who are hurting?
    • Invest in human capital infrastructure
    • American students are not competitive with international students
    • For math and science fields, students from the United States globally rank 37th and 47th respectively
    • Uzbekistan – without the same economic resources – ranks better than California
  • The only way we can effectively replace baby boomers is through high-skilled immigration
    • We need to make it easier for immigrants to open businesses – half of Fortune 500 companies are founded by immigrants or children of immigrants
    • Startups are where economic growth comes from – each year, business startups account for more than all of net job increases
    • “If we cut off immigration, the United States will be in trouble.”

We’re extremely grateful to Dr. Ohanian for taking the time to speak with us, and to everyone who attended and took part in our engaging discussion. A special thank you also goes to our event sponsors; Blue Shield of California, Cox Business, Sempra International, Wells Fargo, and Scripps Health.

For more photos and commentary from the event, visit our event photo album on Facebook and check out our #XBorderLunch hashtag on Twitter.

Announcing the 2017 Visionary Awards Honorees

Continuing the tradition of honoring outstanding leaders and their work to improve the San Diego and Northern Baja California region, LEAD San Diego is hosting the 2017 Visionary Awards, Southern California’s premier leadership recognition event, on Thursday, June 8 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.

“Leadership is the catalyst for positive change, providing a better future for our region,” said Lorin Stewart, CEO of LEAD San Diego. “We are excited to recognize these engaged, civic-minded leaders who give selflessly of their time and talent to make a difference in our community.”

The following individuals will be honored at the June 8 event:

Anne Ledford Evans

The Neil Morgan Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Neil Morgan Memorial Award, named for the late San Diego journalistic icon, is awarded annually to individuals who have provided long-term quality leadership in our region. This year, the award will be presented to Anne Ledford Evans, who founded Evans Hotels with her late husband William D. Evans. Named chairman emeritus of Evans Hotels in 2014, Anne Evans presided over the company as chairman of the board for 30 years. In 1953, Evans Hotels was awarded the first long-term lease on Mission Bay for the Bahia Resort Hotel; the company developed the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, also on Mission Bay, in 1958, and opened The Lodge at Torrey Pines in 2002. Evans is a member of the California Tourism Hall of Fame and serves on the board of advisors of the UC San Diego Rady School of Management. She’s also a member of the Founders Circle of The Preuss School UCSD. Evans is a former chair of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and served as secretary of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. She has received the lifetime achievement award from Corporate Directors Forum and has been named Hotelperson of the Year by the San Diego Hotel-Motel Association.

Shara Fisler, Class of 2003

LEAD Graduate of the Year

The LEAD Graduate of the Year Award is presented to a graduate of LEAD San Diego’s flagship issues-focused education program who epitomizes excellence in community leadership. This year, the award will be presented to Shara Fisler, founder and executive director of Ocean Discovery Institute (ODI), a nonprofit organization that uses ocean science to empower young people from underserved urban communities to transform their lives, their community, and ultimately our world as scientific and environmental leaders. Through the past 15 years, Fisler’s leadership has enabled ODI to engage more than 65,000 young people in rigorous, ongoing science programming that enables curious youngsters to grow into aerospace engineers, environmental consultants, molecular biologists, and other professionals who make a difference. Fisler’s dedication to program integrity and business development have allowed the organization to grow into a nationally recognized model. She leads a full-time staff of 25 and manages a $2.3 million annual operating budget. Recognition of Fisler’s accomplishments include the 2016 CNN Hero Award; the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring; the California Society for Ecological Restoration President’s Award; the Union Bank/KPBS Local Hero Award; the Sunset Magazine Coastal Hero Award; and the Western Society of Naturalists’ Naturalist of the Year Award.

 Joe Panetta

The Ronald Kendrick Memorial Award for Regional Collaboration

Named for the late banking executive and community leader, the award is presented in recognition of visionary leadership as demonstrated through coalescing diverse communities, focusing on collaborative approaches to shared resources, synergies and problem-solving skills for positive regional outcomes. This year, the award will be presented to Joe Panetta, President, CEO and a member of the board of directors of Biocom, California’s largest and most-experienced leader and advocate for the life science industry. Biocom works on behalf of more than 800 members to drive public policy, build an enviable network of industry leaders, create access to capital development, introduce cutting-edge STEM education programs, and create robust value-driven purchasing programs. Panetta leads an experienced professional staff of 42, with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. Together with a 60-member board of directors, he advances initiatives that help members produce novel solutions that improve the human condition. Panetta is co-founder of the Biocom Political Action Committee, the Biocom Institute for education and workforce development, and chairman of the California Biotechnology Foundation. He is past chairman of the Council of State Bioscience Associations and founding chairman of the State Medical Technology Alliance. Panetta serves on the board of directors of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and CONNECT.


Mark Dankberg

Economic Opportunity Award

Each year, LEAD San Diego presents the Economic Opportunity Award in recognition of a visionary leader who has created economic opportunities that, absent their efforts, might not otherwise exist. In 2017, the Economic Opportunity Award will be presented to Mark Dankberg, who co-founded ViaSat (headquartered in Carlsbad) in 1986 and has held the position of chairman of the board and CEO ever since. Dankberg is an acknowledged industry expert in the communications, aerospace and defense sectors, and is the leading visionary for a new generation of ultra-high capacity satellite systems. He holds a number of patents in communications and satellite networking technologies; has participated on Department of Defense advisory panels; and has received a number of innovation leadership awards, including the 2016 Director of the Year award by Corporate Directors Forum, induction into the Society of Satellite Professionals International Hall of Fame in 2015 as well as Via Satellite Magazine’s Satellite Executive of the Year, among others. Dankberg began his career with the Collins Radio Division of Rockwell International, and at Linkabit Corp., where he held positions in engineering, technical management and business segment management. He earned B.S. EE and M.S. EE degrees from Rice University and is a member of the Rice University Electrical and Computer Engineering Hall of Fame.


Dr. James W. Turpin

The Charles Nathanson Memorial Award for Cross-Border Region Building

The Charles Nathanson Memorial Award is named for the late champion of cross-border communication and development and recognizes visionary leadership demonstrated in addressing joint solutions to cross-border issues, further uniting San Diego and Baja California for a common future. This year, the award will be presented to Dr. James W. Turpin, founder of Project Concern International (PCI). While a physician in Coronado, Dr. Turpin volunteered at a health clinic in Tijuana, where in 1961 he saved the lives of two small children who were dying of pneumonia. The experience inspired him to found PCI to fight disease and poverty among the world’s most vulnerable people. Dr. Turpin led the organization for almost 15 years, heading its expansion to areas of need in Asia, Africa and the Americas, while always staying active in Tijuana and the border region. Building on Dr. Turpin’s vision to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable people in Tijuana, PCI has facilitated health and development programs throughout the region for more than five decades in areas spanning maternal and child health; infectious disease (HIV/AIDS and TB); community and public health; violence prevention; gender equity; and local capacity building, urban upgrading, and resilience. After his official role with PCI ended, Dr. Turpin re-entered private practice in North Carolina. Now retired, Dr. Turpin continues to advocate for PCI; because of his legacy, PCI helps empower more than 19 million people annually to end hunger, enhance health and overcome hardship.

The recipient of the 2017 Community Spotlight Award, which recognizes unsung community heroes who improve lives in our region through extraordinary dedication to people, organizations or causes and comes out of the monthly 10News LEADership Awards, will be announced at the Visionary Awards on the evening of June 8.

Title Sponsor of the 2017 Visionary Awards is Bank of America. Other confirmed supporters to date include Southwest Airlines, Anchor Sponsor; Wells Fargo, Community Spotlight Sponsor Reception Sponsor; Union Bank, General Reception Sponsor; WD-40 Company, Theme Sponsor; CBRE, SDG&E, Qualcomm, San Diego Business Journal, and 10News, Presenting Sponsors; Moss Adams, Sweet Endings Sponsor; and WD-40 Company, Trumpfheller Libation Station Sponsor.

January Policy Update

XBorder Lunch

WEDNESDAY: Cross-Border Vision for 2017 Luncheon
With the inauguration just days away and as the future of international trade remains uncertain, more than 200 elected, business, and community leaders will gather to share one unified vision for the cross-border business community.

Dr. Lee E. Ohanian, the UCLA Economics professor who served as an advisor to the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush, will share his insight as we align priorities for the Cali-Baja region.

Click here to save your spot today.


2017 Chamber Leadership Delegation to Sacramento: Feb. 28 – March 1
As the nation prepares for a Trump administration, key legislators in Sacramento have expressed a clear intention to defend conflicting goals with respect to: international trade, immigration, climate change, the Affordable Care Act, and more. While our state leadership navigates the new political landscape, they’re looking for input on how policy decisions will affect local communities.

Now is the time for business, community and policy leaders to unite and share their insight on policy directives. Lend your voice to our Leadership Delegation to Sacramento and help us ensure the priorities of Sacramento reflect the needs of San Diego’s regional business community.

Policy priorities for this year’s delegation include:

  • Transportation and Infrastructure Funding
  • Housing Supply and Affordability
  • Climate Change
  • Water
  • International Trade & Commerce
  • Legalized Marijuana Regulations
  • State & Federal Elections

Chamber members – save $75 and register now before the January 31 early bird deadline. To join the Chamber’s hotel block at discounted pricing, be sure to make hotel reservations before February 10.


Governor Brown Releases California State Budget Proposal
Yesterday morning, Governor Brown released his budget proposal and outlined his priorities for the year. A large portion of the budget will be determined by actions at the federal level, but our Sacramento lobbyists have provided a helpful overview of where the state will begin to negotiate.

Read the full memo here.

White House

Incoming Trump Administration and New Congress Set Ambitious Goals Including ACA Repeal
The incoming administration and recently sworn in Congress have set a full agenda for their first 100 days. Many details remain uncertain, but we expect an expedient repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.”

ate on Wednesday, Republican Senators approved a budget blueprint that represents the first significant step in repealing the Affordable Care Act on a 51 to 48 vote. The Chamber’s Healthcare Committee, active in producing comments and educating membership about the implementation of ACA years ago, will continue its role to ensure the ACA replacement is fully vetted while advocating for stability for businesses and individuals trying to comply with this complex law.

Interested members can contact the Healthcare Committee staff liaison, Stefanie Benvenuto, at


Mexico Replaces Foreign Minister with Advocate of Trump’s
Visit to Mexico

In an attempt to improve its relationship with President-Elect Donald Trump, Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has named Luis Videgaray as his new foreign minister. Videgaray made headlines last year when resigning his cabinet position after the political fallout from his support of Trump’s visit to Mexico.

Videgaray will serve as Mexico’s main representative during the NAFTA negotiations with Trump’s administration.


Airport Authority Considers Future of Lyft & Uber
Chamber staff testified in support of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Board continuing permits for transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber & Lyft.

The Authority Board voted to approve the permit for TNCs through 2017 while also reducing its environmental tax.


FEEDBACK WANTED: Share How Immigration Affects Your Business
As reports indicate that a border security bill may be one of the top priorities for the new Congress, Business Forward – a national non-profit organization for job creators – is seeking input from business stakeholders.

Help them share feedback with members of Congress by providing your input below.

Should immigration reform be a priority for Washington?

sdyl 2

Seeking New Interns for Chamber’s Policy & IBA Departments
The Chamber’s International Business Affairs (IBA) and Public Policy departments have several internship opportunities available. For more information and to apply, visit the Chamber’s Careers page.


Business Organizations Across the Nation Unite in Support of Regulatory Accountability Act 
The San Diego Chamber signed on to a coalition letter urging the 115th Congress to act on the Regulatory Accountability Act in early next year. The letter was signed by 380 chambers and associations from around the country, sending a strong message to Capitol Hill that regulatory reform continues to be a critical priority for the business community.


New Year, New Leadership: City and State Committee
Chairs Announced

Our policy team compiled a handy summary of new committee leadership assignments at both the state and municipal level.

Read it here.


Kamala Harris Sworn In; Xavier Becerra Nominated as
Attorney General

The United States welcomed its newest Senator from California, former state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Following her election win, Governor Brown was quick to nominate Xavier Becerrato replace her in the role of Attorney General. His confirmation hearing began January 10th.


Supervisor-Elect Kristin Gaspar Sworn In January 9
Chamber-endorsed candidate Kristin Gaspar was sworn in this week to represent the County’s 3rd District. Gaspar will represent the coast from Del Mar to Encinitas along SR-52, including Carmel Valley, and I-15 from Tierrasanta to Escondido.

Gaspar hired Supervisor Horn’s former Chief of Staff and 2016 SDYL Member, Dustin Steiner, to lead her team. Steiner was honored by the Chamber at the 2016 Legislative Lounge for his excellent work at the County.

More News

New Year, New Leadership: City and State Committee Chairs Announced

California State Legislature:

Assembly Member Todd Gloria enters his freshman year in the State Assembly as part of leadership. Gloria was named Assistant Majority Whip by Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Also of note, Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez takes another round as Chair of the vital Appropriations Committee and Assembly Member Shirley Weber will lead the Public Safety Budget Subcommittee. On the Senate side, Senator Ben Hueso returns as Chair of Energy, Utilities and Communications.

Rounding out Vice Chair assignments include Public Safety and Constitutional Amendments Committees for Senator Joel Anderson and Business, Professions & Economic Development for Senator Patricia Bates.

For a full list of Senate and Assembly assignments click on the links below.

San Diego City Council:

Council Member Myrtle Cole was voted by her colleagues to be Council President for 2017 with Council Member Mark Kersey assuming the role as Council President Pro Tem. Council President Cole will also chair the Rules Committee in this capacity.

For a full list of committee assignments and appointments to outside organizations click on the links below: