Baja’s Health and Wellness Forum

Last month Baja California hosted a Health and Wellness Forum.  It welcomed more than 2,000 national and international attendees with more than 80 exhibitors, conferences, panel discussions, and a gastronomic garden.

Mexico is the second most visited location for health and wellness tourism worldwide. The state of Baja welcomed over 2.4 million patients and companions in 2016. The Baja Health and Wellness forum was an important platform to publicize the wide range of health services and products offered in the region.

Governor of Baja, Francisco Vega, highlighted that events like these seek to strengthen the growth and development of its business in the health industry with emphasis on medical tourism.

In recognition of the economic engines that the binational health care and medical tourism are for the region, the Chamber focused on this topic at the Cross-Border Business Forum held August 2nd.  The Forum addressed key points including the current trends in medical tourism, the programs and partnerships providing healthcare to our binational population, and what the future will bring for this industry as well as the role that the government plays in its development.