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Community Partner: San Diego Habitat for Humanity

The San Diego affiliate of Habitat for Humanity was originally founded in 1988 as “Tijuana-San Diego Habitat for Humanity,” constructing 357 homes in Baja California during its early years. By the mid-1990’s, the focus shifted to concentrate on the affordable housing needs of San Diego County. Governed by a Board of Directors and led by President and CEO Lori Holt Pfeiler, San Diego Habitat for Humanity seeks to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

We believe that decent shelter for everyone should be a matter of conscience and action. Our vision is to eliminate substandard housing in San Diego County through homeownership opportunities for hardworking, low-income families. Habitat homeowners build their homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. With your help, our organization empowers families and drives increased commitment to the community.

In addition to building new homes, San Diego Habitat for Humanity partners with other community-based organizations to help neighborhoods become stronger, more vibrant places to live. Our Neighborhood Revitalization program provides home repair, weatherization, and home preservation focused on improving entire communities around new Habitat construction sites and supporting families who already own their homes.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity also operates three ReStores, home improvement discount centers where the public can purchase donated new and like new items at 30-70% below retail price. Our locations in San Diego, Escondido, and National City feature a wide array of furniture, appliances, building materials, and more. ReStore donations and purchases fund the construction of homes throughout San Diego County and help keep tons of usable materials out of local landfills.

Families are the heart of every Habitat program and our critical function is the engagement and support of families who need a hand up to purchase or maintain their very own home. We are proud that we have been able to help build so many better life stories that transcend generations.

Paolo Catane
Communications Coordinator | 619-283-4663


Grand Opening of Pedego La Jolla

Pedego La Jolla Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting 11-8-17

Left-to-Right: Mauricio Medina (Council Representative), Tracy Sheffer (Co-Owner, Pedego La Jolla), Terry Galka (Co-Owner, Pedego La Jolla), Don DiCostanzo (Co-Founder and CEO, Pedego Electric Bikes), Jerry Sanders (President, San Diego Chamber of Commerce)

Mayor Kevin Faulconer Delivers 2018 State of the City Address

Mayor Faulconer delivered the annual State of the City address on January 11th at the Balboa Theatre, calling for new approaches to reduce homelessness, make housing more affordable, protect public safety, and improve the quality of life for all San Diegans. Mayor Faulconer touched on the progress that has been made as well as the need for further action. Read the speech fact sheet here.

Convention Center Ballot Initiative

On January 8th, Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jaymie Bradford joined the “Yes! For a Better San Diego” coalition at a press conference to announce the Convention Center Expansion Ballot Initiative, scheduled to be on the ballot this November. The measure will increase the transient occupancy tax (TOT) between 1.25% – 3.25% depending on the location of the lodging facilities in the county to provide funding for homelessness, street repair, and convention center expansion. The broad coalition in support of this measure includes tourism and lodging leaders, homeless advocates, working families, and community activists. More information can be found at

Click here for press conference coverage by NBC San Diego.

Chamber Committees Finalizing Platforms

In January and February, Chamber Policy Committees are finalizing updated policy platforms intended to guide policy advocacy for 2018. Policy Sub-Committees include Healthcare; Energy & Water; Infrastructure, Housing & Land Use; Defense, Veterans and Military Affairs; the Small Business Roundtable; and the Education & Workforce Roundtable. The Sub-Committee Platforms are anticipated to be adopted by the Public Policy Committee in February.

Strong Showing for San Diegans in Sacramento

The Chamber is pleased to applaud the recent selection of Senator Toni Atkins as the next Senate Pro Tem. An announcement from current Pro Tem, Senator Kevin De Leon (Los Angeles), was a welcome shift in leadership as long-time Chamber partner and friend, Senator Atkins prepares to take the reins of the legislature in the coming weeks. Additionally, first-term Assemblyman Todd Gloria was made Majority Whip, being appointed by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Governor Brown Unveils FY 2018/19 Budget Proposal

On January 10th, Governor Brown unveiled his $132 billion budget proposal for FY18/19. As predicted, he is using the surplus dollars from another good budgetary year to shore up the Rainy Day Fund, putting aside $3.5 billion to meet statutory requirements. By June 2019, that fund is expected to have 13.5 billion in reserve dollars should another recession hit. The budget increases education spending and proposed additional accountability measures, as well as outlines spending for SB 1 (commonly referred to as the “gas tax” bill) in a variety of areas. The Governor will now begin discussions with legislative leadership prior to unveiling the May Revise.

California State Legislature Reconvenes

The second year of the state’s two-year legislative cycle has kicked off, with plenty of unfinished business remaining from 2017. Of note, this year occurs during an election year and during many high-stakes issues being debated which will undoubtedly keep the Chamber and its membership busy. Things to watch: housing will continue to be top of mind, as fifteen of the 100+ pieces of housing-focused legislation were ultimately signed by the Governor. Bills that focus on planning for increased density along transit corridors, local jurisdiction accountability to meet housing targets, and more controversial ideas like rent control will be a major focus for Chamber policy staff. Additionally, Governor Brown is expected to flex his political muscle as he finishes his last year of an unprecedented term. His budget proposal, unveiled January 10th, sets the tone for his priorities. And finally, the legislature will be expected to find a resolution to the charges that the culture in Sacramento is rampant with sexual harassment and other boorish behavior that goes unchecked. Leadership will undoubtedly want to tackle this early on.

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Event: The Fiscal Reform in the U.S. and Its Effects in Mexico

The Tijuana Economic Development Council, in its commitment to the industrial and economic development of the Cali-Baja region, is hosting a conference on “The U.S. Tax Reform and its effects in Mexico”. The event will be held on January 18th, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. at Via Corporativo (10643 Mision San Javier, Tijuana, Baja California, 22010).

Please note that this event will be held in Spanish. RSVP on the event’s website.

Welcoming San Diego Kickoff Summit: Integrating New Americans

Welcoming San Diego is a multi-sector effort to advance the civic, social and economic integration of immigrants and refugees, who envision a vibrant, inclusive, and safe binational region that attracts families and businesses from around the world and that all San Diegans can flourish in. Throughout spring, there will be a series of community forums to gather input from residents and thematic focus groups on topics such as Civic Engagement, Safe and Connected Communities, Economic Opportunities, Education and Inclusive Access.

Please join us in participating in this important initiative which will kick off on February 2, 2018, at the San Diego Concourse.

For event details and free registration, please visit the event’s website.