Chamber Welcomes Barranquilla (Colombia) Chamber of Commerce

Kenia Zamarripa, Director of International Business Affairs, met with delegates from the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce on February 9th. The Barranquilla Chamber, comprised by over 63,000 business members in northern Colombia, expressed their interest in understanding the role of the Chamber in the Cali-Baja region, particularly in the innovation industry. In Barranquilla, the Chamber is a private entity in charge of legally incorporating merchant organizations and businesses and promote and manage business growth.

Delegates shared their concern for the delay of technology advances and knowledge arriving to Colombia’s business culture and are committed to decreasing the delay through the adoption of initiatives that impact business development.

San Diego organizations thriving in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, big data, and wearables (biometric analysis and A.I.) are encouraged to contact the Barranquilla Chamber as the first step to expand their business and export products and services to Colombia.

Click here for more information, and please contact Kenia Zamarripa at to connect with the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce.