Mexican Presidential Candidate Meade in Tijuana

In order to provide a public platform for citizens to listen, analyze and reflect on presidential campaign proposals in Mexico and promoting knowledge, awareness and social activism, Tijuana Innovadora launched the Reflexión México initiative. These series of forums will provide each of the five presidential candidates space to discuss their proposals with Mexican citizens. Attendees will be able to ask specific questions about strategies to boost regional economic development, the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the northern and southern borders, proposals to diminish insecurity and corruption nationwide, and urban and border infrastructure, amongst other topics.

This Friday ,May 11th, PRI candidate Jose Meade spoke before a crowd of 500 at the Club Campestre in Tijuana. The first candidate to participate in Reflexion Mexico was Margarita Zavala, independent candidate, who was hosted at UC San Diego last month discussing her new book “Es la hora de México” (This is Mexico’s Time).