Member Spotlight: Energie Fuel

energie·fuel group is a progressive fuel & energy management startup expanding the $15 Billion Fuel Card industry. We saw a great need. Hard work created the solution.

Determination brings it to you: Affordable fuel. National network. Savings tools. Our members, track and report real savings, using CFNNet, Petroleum Rx Viewfuel and GreenTraks GEM.

With our new, red-d fuel card; owner-operators, contractors, drivers have the same access, tools and competitive rates to fulfill their contracts. Even associations and unions can now offer these same tools and benefits to their members.

Uniquely, we provide zero fee, wholesale Fuel Cards supported by a full stack, cloud-based Fuel & Energy Management Solution to simplify, digitalize, secure and optimize fuel savings. Our inclusive Membership and 365/24/7 Support profits all businesses and empowers organizations to get competitive with fuel benefits for employees and members.

Our competitors may offer fuel cards or universal fuel cards with retail discounts for small businesses and contractors; but none of them, honor their contracts and provide wholesale fuel rates. By expanding access and free software tools, to everyone who drives a vehicle for work, we’re improving how businesses save, plan and grow. Even still – we go the extra, extra mile with our membership benefits.

Our membership benefits

  • You don’t pay a cent in fuel card fees
  • You’ll never need to shop retail again
  • Your data entry nightmares are over
  • Your system will be setup and fully supported by our friendly team
  • You’ll enjoy members-only savings on wholesale oils, lubricants & chemicals
  • Receive free advice from an energy and emissions expert for you entire operation

Ready to talk real numbers and savings? Call 833•TRU•NRGY now. And, join a growing national network, that insists upon affordable fuel and management savings tools for all businesses, to get competitive and thrive.

Anna Zuniga
Marketing and Service Manager
Energie Fuel Group
619 810 0655