NAFTA Update and Recently Imposed Tariffs

Representatives of the Border Trade Alliance led by Chamber VP Paola Avila as the Board Chair were in DC last week urging lawmakers from both parties to support modernized trade agreements. The current state of impasse in the three-nation negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement has brought much uncertainty to future trade relations.

The BTA, which represents both public and private entities on issues related to cross-border trade, also urged members of Congress to assert themselves in the trade debate.

“We thank all of the senators and representatives who took the time to visit with the BTA and hear our positive, pro-growth message of trade and cross-border cooperation,” BTA Chair Paola Avila said. “We are hopeful that Congress will, in a bipartisan fashion, act as a respectful but necessary check on the executive branch and stand opposed to the administration’s installation of tariffs on steel and aluminum, resist further tariffs on autos, and urge the administration to dial back its rhetoric toward our friends and closest trade partners. Our economy risks tremendous damage if we pursue higher tariffs.”

In addition to meetings on the Hill, Paola led a panel discussion on NAFTA at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute fifth-annual Building a Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border conference. Watch the webcast recap:

The Chamber opposes tariffs and continues to work to strengthen cross-border trade with Mexico. On a radio interview with KPBS, Paola, discussed how new tariffs may impact San Diego’s economy and U.S.-Mexico trade relations.