Wilson Center Report on North American Workforce

The Chamber’s IBA Committee and regional stakeholders met with Ambassador Anthony Wayne to learn about a project he is leading with the Wilson Center in Washington D.C. on promoting North American cooperation on issues pertaining to workforce development. Ambassador Wayne provided an overview of a report which included policy proposals and highlighted the need for regional collaboration to generate more jobs, boost the productive power, and strengthen the global competitiveness of the North American region.

The report recommends action and policy updates on the following areas:

  • Work-based learning- promoting and investing in work-based training programs such as apprenticeships.
  • Credentials- facilitating the understanding, recognition, and validation of credentials and competencies.
  • Data collection and transparency – developing real-time labor market data and information platforms that are comparable across Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
  • Preparing for change – share and implement best practices to approach the “fourth industrial revolution” and the onslaught of new technology and workplace processes.

The successful implementation of the proposed North American Workforce Development Agenda depends on joint collaboration and multi-stakeholder involvement, including the three levels of government, business community, educational institutions, unions, NGOs and civil society from all three countries.

To read the full report, please visit the Wilson Center’s website here.