Member Spotlight: Next Level Sailing

What’s NEXT for Next Level Sailing?

Since its inception in 2003, Next Level Sailing has significantly raised the authenticity and excitement of on-the-water leisure activities in San Diego. NLS introduced the first US Coast Guard inspected carbon fiber racing vessels that allowed guests for the first time in history to experience modern yachts that actually competed for the oldest international trophy in sports, The America’s Cup. Tens of thousands of locals and visitors have since sailed and raced on the famous America’s Cup racing vessels, USA Stars & Stripes and Abracadabra.

In 2005 we purchased the most “Iconic” sailing yacht in the World, Yacht America, 139 ft. long with 100 ft. masts, the world’s only authentic reproduction, captivating the sailing world by her mere presence. We brought her to San Diego from Florida. We continued to sail outside the San Diego Bay and pushed our commitment to authenticity with “whale watching” on board America, creating expanded special events, movies, weddings and charters, from all over the Globe. Since America’s arrival here, she has been experienced by over 125,000 visitors.


From racing to marine education and conservation, NLS embodies life on our beautiful Pacific Coast. We are famous for whale watching, including a whale watching guarantee! For over ten years, we have been sharing this special experience with guests.

Did you know that San Diego is the best place in the world to see whales?

The winter and spring months bring gray whales as they make one of the longest mammal migrations as they travel from Alaska to Baja and back. Summer and fall are equally vibrant as we have blue whales that come to San Diego to feed on krill. These magnificent creatures are the largest animals ever on our planet! Although difficult to see in other places in the world, the blue whales are here in our backyard. Also, gray whales and blue whales, we also see fin, minke, humpback, pilot, sperm, orcas, and dolphins!

We love San Diego, so we created exciting programming to reflect its life style.

Our America Tour is the only naval architecture tour that discusses the new technology right here in our San Diego Bay. As we sail around our 13-mile bay, guests can get the best views of our nation’s naval installations. An estimated 40% of the nation’s naval assets are here in San Diego, and the best way to see it is from the water.

Did you ever watch a movie on a 100 ft. sail? We offer movie nights on the water. Paired with a sunset cruise, you can snuggle up with your date and watch, sailing the bay. The San Diego skyline is a gorgeous backdrop for evening.

We look forward to seeing you out on the water very soon!

Troy Sears (CEO/Captain)
Fathom Neft (Sales Rep/First Mate)
Next Level Sailing ; Phone: 858-922-3522