Member Spotlight: Quench

A Smarter Choice to Keep your Employees Hydrated

Are you looking to save money on drinking water while being environmental friendly? Quench’s convenient bottleless water coolers can save up to 50% on your water delivery costs. We are the office drinking water provider of choice for more than 30 San Diego Chamber of Commerce members, including AT&T and Bank of America. Not to mention, we’re trusted by over 45,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada and over half of the Fortune 500.

Let Quench handle your drinking water needs so you can get back to work – no more storing and hoisting 5-gallon jugs or escorting delivery people. Our streamlined solutions of filtered sparkling and chilled water coolers, ice dispensers and coffee makers will make it easy to keep your workforce hydrated and productive. Below are a few of the benefits that our customers enjoy:

  • Cost Savings– Quench customers typically experience immediate monthly cost savings of up to 50% versus traditional bottled water delivery services
  • Convenience– Quench enables you to consolidate vendors and billing while eliminating the delivery logistics, lifting and storage of heavy plastic water bottles
  • Environmentally Friendly– Quench coolers are a much “greener” alternative to wasteful plastics and fuel-wasting water delivery trucks
  • Healthier Water– Quench coolers utilize state-of-the-art water purification and sanitization technologies to eliminate your concerns about bacteria growth in water storage tanks of traditional bottled coolers

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