Member Spotlight: STACKED

STACKED: Food Well Built is an innovative, full-service restaurant concept where guests can use their imaginations to create the perfect meal for themselves, choosing between dozens of ingredients in any of five menu categories.  Guests combine their favorite ingredients, visually creating their meal on an iPad at their table.

Located in Fashion Valley, STACKED, (next to valet) offers a with an extensive selection of premium beers, wines specialty cocktails.  We also offer take-out, delivery and CATERING (office and home).  Open for lunch and dinner, with afternoon and late night happy hours.

Imagine creating a burger, salad, pizza, sandwich or mac ‘n’ cheese with all of your favorite ingredients, and just your favorite ingredients.  And imagine those ingredients are fresh and flavorful, the proteins grilled to order, the vegetables crisp and fresh, the cheeses rich and creamy, the sauces and dressings freshly made from scratch.  Just imagine how amazing that would taste.  You have just imagined STACKED: Food Well Built!

Offering signature items in each menu category that you can order as-is or modify to your taste.  Or, you can STACK Your Own from scratch.  Burgers are made with 100% fresh Angus Chuck and served on fresh, preservative and GMO free buns.  Award-wining mac ‘n’ cheese has been recognized the past two years as the Best in San Diego at the San Diego Mac ‘n’ Cheese Festival.  Pizza, salads and sandwiches are made with your choice of fresh, flavorful ingredients. 

Just as you can customize your meal at our restaurant, with STACKED Catering you can customize the menu for your office or home event.  Their goal is for your catering experience to be simple, but personally crafted to your preferences, including your guests’ nutritional preferences.  The STACKED ingredient-centric menu includes over 160 clearly-identified, gluten-free ingredients that can be combined to create a virtually unlimited selection of gluten-free meals.  Other nutritional preferences are also easily accommodated.

So, whether it’s at your place or theirs, with STACKED you get exactly what you want – Food Well Built!

Visit us at 7007 Friars Rd., San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619)225-7900
Instagram: @stackedrestaurants
Address catering inquiries to: Candy Agatep, (949)619-5772,