Economic Impact of Border Closures and Increased Wait Times

With the recent lane and port closures, border wait times have discouraged trade and travel adversely impacting our regional economy both in the short and long term.

The economies on each side of the border are inextricably linked. We produce together, have a shared workforce, and have families on both sides of the border. The commercial exchange between Tijuana and San Diego is valued at $2.1 million per day, and the San Ysidro Port of Entry alone experiences over 70,000 vehicle and 25,000 pedestrian crossings into the U.S. daily. With an integrated manufacturing supply chain worth $2.5 billion, the Cali Baja region critically depends on its cross-border connectivity and efficient movement of goods which accounts for a gross regional product of $255 billion.

Communicating the importance of our border region and maintaining our border open is paramount. See below a list of media interviews with the Chamber: