Meeting with IBWC Commissioner

Chamber Director of International Business Affairs, in her role as board member of the U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission’s Citizens Forum, met with recently appointed U.S. Commissioner Jayne Harkins. Zamarripa and the board briefed Commissioner Harkins on the binational efforts underway to minimize the Tijuana River Valley transboundary pollution and reiterated the critical need to improve Tijuana’s sewage infrastructure and pump station CILA to prevent dry weather flows impacting water quality in South Bay.

In addition to the meeting with board members, Commissioner Harkins participated in the Citizens Forum which included a presentation from IBWC’s feasibility studies and conversation with the local community. One of the projects already implemented in the City of Tijuana has recently started collecting, compressing, melting and molding plastic trash into tile squares which are ready to be reused or recycled.