Voices of International Trade Podcast

Director of International Affairs, Kenia Zamarripa, participated in a panel hosted by Chamber member EUSAGA as part of their series of roundtable discussions on topics relevant to binational trade and regional cross-border collaboration from the public and private sector perspectives. Zamarripa provided an overview of the Chamber’s international work, binational delegation trip to Mexico City, and the business community role in the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

Participating in the roundtable discussion:

  • Cecilia Ortega, EUSAGA Logistica Internacional
  • Rafael Mauricio Cruz Manjarrez Garcia, MORENA Baja California and President of Tijuana’s Law Council
  • Kenia Zamarripa, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Rodrigo Perez, EUSAGA Logistica Internacional
  • Heriberto Polanco, Grupo Polanco
  • Jose Antonio Fajardo, Grupo Aceves
  • Lino Zamora, Attorney at Law

Previous podcasts have featured the Chinese Consul General in Tijuana, INCOMEX, and Servicio de Administración Tributaria (Mexican Customs).