Lieutenant Governor Kounalakis Appointed as Representative for International Affairs and Trade Development

We applaud Governor Newsom in his recent announcement as he signed an executive order establishing the International Affairs and Trade Development Interagency Committee and assigning Lieutenant Governor Kounalakis as the Governor’s representative for International Affairs and Trade Development where she will advise the Governor on international opportunities. Lt. Governor Kounalakis will serve as the chair of the committee with Lenny Mendoca, Chief Economic and Business Advisor serving as vice-chair. The committee will focus on increasing the state of California’s global presence and reopening international trade offices.

The Chamber has long advocated for the reestablishment of a trade and investment office in  Mexico City to strengthen the California and Mexico’s economic partnership.

With over 565,000 California jobs supported by trade with Mexico, our state is the only border state without a trade office in Mexico. Among other things, a trade office would promote state businesses, aid with business delegations and trade shows, local government advocacy, and provide information and support on incentive packages, site selection, local workforce, and facilitating regulatory systems and permits.