Mexican Customs Forms Binational Working Group to Advance Border Infrastructure Projects

In February, SAT, the Mexican Customs agency, established a new binational working group to advance infrastructure projects. The working group meets every two to three weeks and has prioritized 10 projects to focus their efforts. These projects include Otay Mesa East POE (Otay 2), and the proposed rail port of entry at Tecate featuring joint inspection facilities.

The working group includes representatives from SANDAG, Caltrans, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mexican Customs authorities, General Services Administration and its counterpart in Mexico, INDAABIN, as well as the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, and the local U.S., Mexican Consul Generals, as well as representatives from the private sector including the Chamber which has actively participated to advocate for efficient border infrastructure.

At the most recent meeting, Mexico’s top customs administrator flew in from Mexico City to attend the meeting after a morning ceremony celebrating the opening of Mexican customs operations at Matrix, the air cargo park in Tijuana. The project, which the Chamber has formally supported, was one of the working group’s priority projects.

The Tijuana International Air Cargo and Logistics Park (Matrix) is a tremendous asset for our region facilitating cross-border commerce between Mexico, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Adjacent to the Tijuana Airport, Matrix serves companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Aeromexico and Volaris Cargo, and includes on-site Mexican customs authorities, a bonded warehouse, office space for freight forwarders, customs agents, banking services, food concessions and the Mexican Postal Service. The air cargo park was built by a subsidiary of Grupo Bustamante, a real estate development business organization owned by Carlos Bustamante, former Mayor of Tijuana. Future plans include U.S. Customs pre-inspection operations that allow cargo carriers to expedite shipments between the U.S. and Mexico.