Tijuana River Valley Update

We applaud Senator Feinstein (CA) for her recent work to secure language requiring the IBWC and Department of State to report to Congress on their work to “mitigate transboundary pollution including a description of efforts taken by federal agencies to implement measures addressing increased flows since 2017, feasibility studies for sediment basins in the Tijuana River and tributary washes and the installation of additional trash booms”.

In a letter addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. International Boundary and Water Commissioner Jayne Harkins, the Senator reiterated these concerns and called for action. Earlier this year, Sen. Feinstein and our San Diego Congressional delegation secured $15 million in funds for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Border Water Infrastructure Grant Program for water infrastructure improvements along the U.S.-Mexico border preventing sewage flows into the United States.

This issue is at the forefront of our policy work and will be one of the main discussion topics during our upcoming delegation trip to Mexico City.