Member Spotlight: Patricio Orozco Abogados

With 20 years of professional practice, Patricio Orozco Loza has developed substantial expertise in the representation of the interests of foreign entities doing business in Mexico. 

Patricio has served as Mexican counsel on international business transactions including the representation of International Banks to secure credits granted in Mexico. He also provides continued legal advice as Mexican counsel for the start-up and operation of a number of Mexican Subsidiaries as well as counsel on the merger and acquisition of U.S. entities and Mexican subsidiaries.

He has advised real estate and tourism developers on their legal, corporate and finance structure, from the acquisition due diligence of their properties, to various types of sale structure and financing arrangements with foreign Banks.

Here are a few of our specialties:

  • Starting and incorporating a business in Mexico to limit your liability and risk.
  • Closing and dissolving a business in Mexico.  Conduct Shareholders’ meeting, liquidating, conclude pending matters and filling the dissolution.
  • Acquiring or selling property in Mexico.
  • Setting up Trusts
  • Company Trademarks and Value: Increase the Value of your Mexican Company with your Trademark.  Appraisals for the value of your trademark and increase the stock capital of your Mexican Corporation

As a licensed Public Broker in Mexico, Patricio Orozco Abogados is authorized by the Federal Government to do official appraisals for the following:

  • Real Estate Property
  • Corporations
  • Mexican Subsidiaries
  • Stocks
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Intangible Assets
  • Trademarks and Patents

Name: Patricio Orozco Loza  Title: Corporate Attorney in México  Company: Patricio Orozco Abogados.

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Germán Gedovius 10605 int 205, Fraccionamiento Río.  Tijuana, B.C. C.P. 22010

Tel. 664 607-3531/2