Member Spotlight: Tech CU

At Tech CU your branch is as close as your phone!   

Your life is busy … work, kids, activities.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to not only manage your finances but also plan for your financial future. 

It is said that people who plan for the future tend to be happier? After all, the years ahead hold many unknowns — why not be prepared for what life may hand you? Take control by beginning to save — even a few dollars a month can add up over time.

Whatever you’re saving for — a home, a vacation, a new car or a “dry spell” — we’re here to help.

At Tech CU, we understand what you’re looking for.  Here are just some of the things we offer our members:

  • Competitive rates on the products
  • The convenience of being able to access your funds anytime, anywhere
    • Mobile Banking
    • Online Banking
  • 65,000 “fee free” ATM’s – there’s probably one near you now!
  • Superior customer service

If you live or work in San Diego, Los Angeles or Orange County, then you can join Tech CU and take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Interested in seeing how TechCU can help you make the most of your financial future?

Check out our special offers and join today: visit or call Cathy at 408-306-2202.

Remember….. Your branch is as close as your phone!