Member Spotlight: Paella Lifestyle

Paella Lifestyle – Olores, colores y sabores

Planning your next corporate event? Paella Lifestyle is all about creating a healthy cultural experience and making people happy with irresistible food. ¡Salud!

Paella Lifestyle is a private catering company created in 2014 by Noelia Murias, a Basque Country native living in San Diego. Its centerpiece is Spain’s iconic dish called Paella, with the healthy building blocks of the Mediterranean diet and imaginative cuisine of the Basque Country.

Spanish tapas called pintxos of the Basque country

Our menu is a kaleidoscope of tastes and textures for any occasion, featuring: Paella, the savory traditional Mediterranean rice dish with an abundance of subtle flavors; Pintxos, decadent food art designed with perfect pairings in small portions. These unique, handcrafted Paellas and Pintxos come in all varieties: seafood, meat, vegan and vegetarian. An eye-opening combination of alluring aromas and palate pleasers.

We offer catering service tailored for the particular needs of each type of social events: reunions, meetings, corporate events, company lunches, celebrations, parties… We serve in San Diego and beyond, and work with a group of expert chefs and professional team whose mission is to make people happy with irresistible food.

Paella Lifestyle’s inspiration is the Basque gastronomy, considered one of the most prestigious, based on the quality of its products and in the good makings of its cooks. Paella Lifestyle is a part of Farmer´s  Markets, Breweries, Wineries and now, with future projects in process with San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

We invite you to indulge in this savory experience and explore our website, featuring a wide variety of Paellas and Pintxos for you to enjoy.

Noelia Murias – CEO & Founder
Tel. (619)940-8560