Cross-Border Business Forum – Trends and Investment Opportunities for Mixed-Use Developments

Cities around the world, including those in our binational region, are seeing a resurgence of mixed-use developments. Before the arrival of cars and highways, most developments concentrated in urban areas where residents walked from home to work or school, but then trends changed and people headed for the suburbs. Nowadays, mixed-use developments are popular again, blending business, retail, and residential spaces and allowing residents, tenants, and visitors to coexist in a pedestrian-friendly environment. While mixed-use development is not new, it is a constantly-evolving sector adapting to meet the needs of our communities.

Join us on Wednesday, October 30, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at Club de Empresarios in Tijuana for this month’s Cross-Border Business Forum. Our panel of experts will share insight on their experience as investors and developers and answer some key questions such as: What are the investment and/or partnership opportunities in mixed-use development in Baja California? And, what is the future of mixed-use development and what opportunities will it bring to our Cali-Baja regional economy?

Cross-Border Forum Panelists